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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by gunbunny, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. gunbunny

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    It seems that the British MSM have said it first- OECD figures suggest Britain's economy will slip back into recession at the start of next year - Telegraph

    The reason is cause for some debate: (1) Could it be from the UK trying to distance itself from the Euro and getting backlash from the EU? (2) Austerity, Hell! And the straw that broke the camel's back ? (3) An editor finally gets to print what he should have since 2010?

    I do like how they have a definite timeline in the article, like it hasn't been going on yet, but it will in a few weeks.

    What about how the Gold and Silver markets tanked this week, what do you think the implications of a slightly stronger Dollar in relation to the Euro will do to the PM market? At some point it has to go back up, so right now is a good time to buy, as long as the coin shops have any silver left...

    Any thoughts from the myriad of Monkeys out there? I'd be especially interested in some opinions from across the pond as you guys know what's going on there better than we (Yanks) do.
  2. Falcon15

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    Try the start of this year. This article is for the benefit of the sheeple. Too little too late, but to avert sudden mass panic, they are slowly easing the reality of economic downfall into the consciousness of the average Brit.

    The EU is dead. When the EU goes, the British will be saddled not only with their English debt, but also Irish, and Scottish debt. They will also be left holding the bag with all of the financial support they have extended to other failing EU economies. When these other failing economies implode because they lose the EU "life support", their bond value goes to near nil, and the British are left with worthless paper, for which they exchanged a large amount of their taxpayer monies.

    Add into that the rampant growth of social services paid out, the worsening industrial down slide and their weak holdings (comparative to say Germany) of precious metals, they are in a fine pickle. YMMV.
  3. weegrannymush

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    Well, folks, the Brits (including Irish, Welsh and Scots) have been in the pickle barrel many, many, many times in their long (although not always illustrious) history and while I would say they are probably not quite the Bulldog Breed they once were, I would not count them out. If ever there was a Survivor Ethic in a people, it is in them....they will live to see another day, not to worry! As far as going through austerity, well, they have been there and done that more times than anyone could count and they know how to live with practically nothing on the plate. During WWII the rations for an entire week for one person covered one dinner plate - and with lots of space between the items, to boot. I can't knowledgeably discuss economics but I can tell you that a nation is made up of individuals and Britain is full of folks who all know how to make a penny do the work of a pound, when the need arises. I strongly suspect that the ordinary people in Britain will be heartily glad to be out of the European mess....they have always been proudly independent and joining the EC was a big blow to many. One blessing: they did not adopt the Euro and stayed with their own currency.

    I have complete faith that my home country WILL MAKE IT! I am talking about the ordinary folks here.....what the Governments will do is anybody's guess, there seems to be a lot of politicians whose greatest claim to fame is the ability to make wrong and stupid decisions.
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  4. Gunny Highway

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    This - this is the cause of the WORLD's financial issues - people just sucking their countries life blood by not contributing....
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  5. beast

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    its also countries living like their people, champagne tastes on a water budget
    eventually someone calls in a note and no one can pay it off
    that my friends is called collapse
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  6. Falcon15

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    There is no reflection on the people, weegranny. This is absolutely a reflection on the powers that run the country. The people of the UK are at the mercy of their Parliaments, Finance Ministers, Prime Ministers, and ECB Chairpersons. In fact the only person in the UK I respect because I watch his verbal and acerbic chastisement of the EU Council over and over again, is Nigel Paul Farage.

    Just a bit of FYI. Britain's Foreign Office is preparing for the euro collapse, and riots.
  7. weegrannymush

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    Oh, I do understand that the Brit people are not having aspersions cast at them by anyone. However, in the final analysis, the ordinary folks are the ones who have to live with the dire consequences of a Euro collapse. I guess it didn't come through in my posting but I was trying to show that the Brits will come through no matter what is thrown at them. The younger elements will no doubt riot and act up in a way that will do no one any good but the vast majority of the population will probably just dig in their heels, stiffen their upper lip, and get on with the job of surviving the "austerities" that they keep getting threatened with. Already, three of my four Scottish nephews have had their careers "reorganized" for them. One was in banking, one in a mortgage broker, another in a Government position...the only one still in the same job is a blue collar worker. But the Brits have been surviving mayhem and destruction for millennia, I suspect this will be just another bump in the road to them. Either that, or it will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back.......the thing that does concern me is that there is no evidence of anybody Prepping in any way over there. I was home in June at a family wedding and I tried to express my concern at their vulnerability but I was met with shrugged shoulders and a "what will be, will be" attitude. And this was in spite of last winter being a really horrendous one with folks running out of food and water, stores emptying, the whole nine yards.....they didn't seem fazed in the least! I don't know whether to admire them for their courage or cuss them for their foolhardiness! I do know I felt like shaking one or two to see if I could knock some sense into their heads, especially the ones with little kids to feed. I do believe, however, that when the chips are down (no pun intended, lol) they will rally round and triumph over all (I do most sincerely hope!)

    I wish we could hear from some UK Monkeys (are there any?) who might throw some light on how folks are coping with the uncertainty of it all.
  8. hammer502

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    i realy try to not watch or listen to politics,but i have been doing my best to get ready for what i beleive is on it's way! it makes my blood boil when i hear the same crap coming out of politicians mouths everyday!! they think that if they call it something different it will go over better. i think every politician needs to go!!!!!! i realy try to keep my views to myself as i don't want a target on my back! but i have now said it and we will see where it heads,hopefully the normal people will wake up and be ready.
  9. mysterymet

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    I think the Brits will make it through. I agree through their history they definitely know how to tighten their belts and staying off the Euro will give them a leg up over the rest of Europe.
  10. jungatheart

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  11. Falcon15

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    I think one of the things that is being overlooked is when the EU falls, they are going to drive a financial stake in every countries heart. The people of the UK will be fine, if they survive the unrest, riots, lack of food, etc. The US/Asian exposure to various European banks, sovereign debt vehicles, and Lord only knows how many trillions in derivative swaps will guarantee that no single nation will walk away from an EU collapse unscathed.

    These dominoes are teetering so close to chain reaction that articles like the one I posted, from Britain's Foreign Office, are becoming commonplace.

    Folks, when the MSM starts running these kinds of stories, we are weeks, if not months from a major occurrence. We may well be lucky enough to make it into next year. IMO we will not make it as a sovereign nation to next election. Every single person who I have talked to in the prepper community, in my group, all of the recent posts on this board, even conversations in the "redneck twitter" box show me that we all feel it. Our instincts are telling us a storm is coming - not next week but NOW, and a majority of us are in "get your preps squared" mode.

    My perceptions are my own. My opinions do not necessarily reflect those of others. As with anything, YMMV. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
  12. Sapper John

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    I'm feeling the same vibes as Falc does...a storm is indeed brewing!
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  13. beast

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    been feelin them, thats why im here
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  14. larryinalabama

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    The Western nations have borrowed themselves into oblivian, dont know how the US population would adjust to a depression, mabey someone can post a thred about that.
  15. Falcon15

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    I have several posts on my blog about a collapse of the world economy. Most notably my last post addressing FerFal's marginalizing the collapse of the American economy.

    There Realy is No Comparison - Survival Monkey Forums

    Or just read through my blog here.
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