Original Work The Bug Out - A short story

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by Halffast, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. barfife

    barfife Monkey+

    Really enjoyed your story. Thanks for posting it.
  2. excalibur610

    excalibur610 Monkey+

    Great story. Really like your writing style. Didn't like the way it ended because it was too close to home. But any other ending wouldn't have been as powerful. Also thinking I'm part of the 99.9% who didn't get that advanced notice.
  3. homesteadma

    homesteadma Monkey

    Just read "The Bug out" ...wow. Sure made me think. Thank you, for posting this.
  4. It was an intense story with a sad ending but it makes you think what happens if you make mistakes.
  5. sfrd39

    sfrd39 Monkey

    good one. enjoyed it
  6. FTHarvey

    FTHarvey Defend the Bedrock

    Very well written.
  7. Finster

    Finster Simplify, I'd say more but this says it all. Site Supporter

    One of the most realistic/like scenarios I have ever read. Unfortunately. Judging based on the recent events of Newtown, Boston marathon and a few other incidents, the GOBernment will lockdown the highways much faster, tell us less and be immediately "more hostile" towards anyone moving away from the cities, especially if they have weapons and or unusual cargo.

    But how can we realistically be prepared to bug-out, even if all adult members of a household are in the proper mindset (not my house, its me alone to prep and be ridiculed) being ready and making the decision, and actually putting a plan in place, and then executing that plan is the only way.
  8. tedrow42

    tedrow42 Monkey+

    Good story! Puts things into perspective
  9. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    Good read, LOTS of lessons in there. There but for the grace of God go I...

    In a previous life I was married to someone just like the wife in the story. For YEARS I prepped. I was an admins on a large survival site. Made sure that "my Girls" lacked for nothing. Begged,pleaded,guilt tripped, bribed my family to see the logic and get on board. Didn't happen. Went through the whole gamit of being laughed at to open hostility over my way of life. Along came a blizzard that dumped 6 feet plus of snow. We were the ONLY house as far as you could see that had power/heat. Then I was "da man" for about a month... Long story short, the marriage eventually ended for a number of reasons, the above only one of many. I started over with almost nothing. Built it all back up-still building. The Lady that is now my wife and best friend has always been on board with this life style,and for that I'm grateful. For those that are single and committed to a survivalist lifestyle, I would strongly advise you to seek out a companion that is like minded. It WILL save you a lot of heartache later on. JMT's
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  10. tedrow42

    tedrow42 Monkey+

    Good advice @Tully Mars my gf who im looking for a house to move into with is not on board. I tryed to get her to read this too
  11. Finster

    Finster Simplify, I'd say more but this says it all. Site Supporter


    Im no expert clearly but IMO just layout the new house rules... She can be on-board or be someone else's problem. That is the approach for my next ex-wife :-o
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  12. tedrow42

    tedrow42 Monkey+

    Lol she doesnt tell me what i can do she rolles he eyes she said shes cool with the homestead type of property im going to build. We had it out last nigh so she knows i dont have a.problem telling her get out. But thank you for the advice i will keep it in mine
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  13. Finster

    Finster Simplify, I'd say more but this says it all. Site Supporter

    I'm glad for you and good luck with her. If shes ok with a homestead, then shes probably more ok with the whole thing than you think and will come around as soon as the shit hits the fan, so any day now.
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  14. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    A very possible reality.

    Thanks for the great read.
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  15. PoppaJ

    PoppaJ Monkey

    Interesting read. Makes me want to double check myself and make sure the wife reads it also.Sad ending but not having your stuff together has consequences you'll probably not like.
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