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    A man, a sheep, and a sheep dog were stranded on a tropical island. As the weeks drug by the sheep started looking pretty good to the man. Each night, as they all sat around the fire, the man would ease over to the sheep and put his arm around her. But the sheep dog would go into his protective mode. He would show his teeth and growl every time the castaway got close to the sheep. So the man got nowhere with the sheep.

    One day the man noticed a spot on the horizon. It got closer and closer and the man realized it was a raft with a person aboard. He eagerly waited in the surf for the raft to arrive. It finally washed up on the beach and the occupant was a woman. He was overcome with excitement.

    He approached the raft and it turns out the gal was Hillary Clinton. He introduced himself and told her how happy he was that she was there.

    He said, "You know, I've been on the island a long time and have had no companionship in months."

    Hillary said, "Well, I've been in that raft for a long time and have had no companionship either."

    The man said, "In that case I wonder if you would consider helping me out with my delicate situation here. I mean it has been a long time."

    She says, "You bet honey. Just tell me what you want me to do."

    The man says, "Do you think you could take that sheep dog for a walk tonight?"
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