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    Surefire conversation kindling. Lets build a realistic piece at a time,add a piece; maybe justify it or discuss how you expect to handle it..I'll start it off:
    December '07
    • we feel the first diminishiing supply effects of "peak oil"; oil rises over $125.00 barrel, heating fuel; and transportation fuels go way up,
  2. Seacowboys

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    Mandatory car-pooling on federal highways and interstates has created the off-shoot of blue-highway traffic increases. Small towns have shown considerable revenue increases from ticketed traffic violations, but car-jackings are sky-rocketing in urban areas. Drive-offs from gas stations have sparked a number of shooting incidents, and large areas are experiencing power-grid problems due to over-loaded transformers exploding and Brown-outs during peak periods. Farms are being hit hardest by the rising fuel costs and this is reflected directly at the market; jesse jackson has the black community stirred up because it is odviously a plan to keep them in poverty.
  3. ghrit

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    Trees start disappearing in suburban and rural areas as wood burning things proliferate. Shootings of wood rustlers start to show up on police blotters.

    This thread promises to be interesting -- [applaud]
  4. Tango3

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    violent cargo hijackings occur, private security forces are hired to "ride shotgun" on 18 wheeler fuel delivery tankers...( alittle too mad "max-ie"??)
  5. Minuteman

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    It wouldn't be too long before fuel rationing was instituted. It would be like it was during WWll. People with critical jobs would have unlimited ration cards. Be nice to know someone who worked in the "critical" oil field!!
    My grandfather was an oilwell driller during that time.He had a ration card that gave him unlimited fuel. He supplemented his income by taxiing folks to the grocery store and back.
  6. monkeyman

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    With stills being built and used by every Tom Dick and Harry that has no idea what they are doing in order to make their own alcohol for fuel from grains and potatoes the explosion of stills takes the place of explodeing meth labs as a top concern for urban dwellers. The straight alcohol from the stills is also consumed causeing alcohol poisoning to many and BATFE gets back into the business of raiding for stills.

    Gas theft from cars becomes rampent. Cars with locking gas caps have fuel lines cut or tanks punctured to get to the gas. Gas stations go over to strict prepay fueling and begin being robbed for their gas. Thievs get the idea to use transfer pumps and barrels to steal gas from the holding tanks at stations as black market fuel becomes more common.
  7. monkeyman

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    It also becomes more and more frequent to see vehicles powered by alternative fuel, mostly converted by individuals. Some powered by various forms of biodesil, others powered by home brewed methane and others by hydrogen and propane.
  8. Blackjack

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    Prices for all goods go up, especially those that require lots of transporting. Wal-Mart is no longer cheap, and has massive layoffs. The marketplace begins a relocalization effort, resulting in even more job losses.

    Unemployment reaches an all time high, crime in the cities also reaches an all time high.

    Citizens scream for the government to open up Alaka for oil drilling, and to use our leverage in the middle east.

    China begins pushing it's weight around the middle east to secure it's own oil resulting in some very tense standoffs between them and the US.

  9. monkeyman

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    Rural jobs surge for mom and pop stores opening in small towns all over again as they learn folks will pay for not haveing to drive 20-30 miles to the big boy stores.
  10. ghrit

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    Slowly, as petro based fuels run out and prices go out the roof, oil and gas fired power plants shut down. Rolling brownouts become rolling blackouts as coal and nuclear plants stretch to keep the grid alive. With the power failures comes water and sewer plant shutdowns. In the citys, lower floors of buildings get pretty ripe as the sewers back up. Hardware stores (those that remain open when the power is on) suffer a run on shovels as priveys go up in the suburbs.
  11. Tango3

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    With the economy and power grid taking a major hit; layoffs and plant shutdowns are rampant. Of those with jobs, with long commutes; the commute is no longer economically feasible. A general "great depression "sweeps the country...Food and fuel compete for what little grains are produced.
    formerly "white-collar middleclass" people experience famine. Someone is found starved to death sitting whistfully at the wheel of their SUV. TV news anchors are all over this photograph, act stunned things could be this bad.( people argueover whether the photo was faked by environmentalists)..Natalie Holloways body is found on aruba...Michael jackson is again accused of assaulting a child..Brittany Spears appears onstage completely without pants,skirt or underwear....

    Outraged cries are shouted toward washington d.c. where congress is arguing over giving equal fuel rations to married gay couples. Mortgages default in record numbers.A permanent nomadic pool of people wander city to city preying on one another, squatting in empty property, looking for government help and "Hoarded "resouces. "Hoarding" becomes a crime punishable by death (firing squad). A`state of emergency and Martial law is declared.
    the constitution is completely suspended. Hence the the sitting president is president for as long as he is alive.
    VP cheney asks president bush to go bird hunting with him....[flag]

    On a lighter note the bicycle salvage and repair business explodes off the charts,landfills are scoured for decades of old bicycle parts. Saturday farmers marketsoperate 24/7(or until the farmers pickups are empty, roughly 15minutes, firstcomefirst serve, Americans learn the more's of the "que" (long lines) farmers markets co-located with flea markets become the new wal-mart. Sometimes located in vacated walmart buildings. Wword of mouth spreads across the nation of the best ones .
    A barter economy flourishes,the government works hard to come up with a way to tax it.
    Streets and parking lots are torn up by hand and planted. :)
    A can of cling peaches in heavy syrup becomes the equivalent of a $500 bill.
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