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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Even a benelovent Dictator, is still a Dictator....
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    It looks like a fire support base on steroids....I wonder if the Doofus that dreamed up this idea realised that the Government aren't coming with siege towers, trebuchets and ballistas?

    Edit: Apparently he / she /they did.
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    Those who don't like this probably should not join. There is strength in numbers.

    With the GOP openly contemplating defaulting on the national debt moving to this neighborhood might be a really good idea.

    I wonder what they have available now ?
    Looks like there's 200 buck application fee and they keep 33 bucks if you're not accepted.
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    That's what David Koresh thought.....o_O

    Some place like this would be OK if everyone were equals and had a common value system. But, as soon as you have a leader who passes rules/laws, you're going to run into issues. See all the posts about Homeowner's Associations--this appears to be one of those on a grand scale. I like the idea, but the implementation would be hard.
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    Sounds like I'm the only one who actually read their website.

    From their homepage:
    Believe me I know about HOA's. I got fed up with the folks running mine and you know what ? I didn't make any whiny posts on some random interweb forum, I got off my butt and ran against them and got a seat.
    From what I've read they seem to advocate prepardness and the principles of Jeffersonian libertarism, and governing by consensus without any single "leader". These concepts are much along what many of the members post about.

    I'm noy trying to "sell" you or anyone here on this concept but the presumptions baffle me.

    It's always easier to make excuses and mock the freedom of others than it is to perfom a meaningfull act.

    People will e-mail their state reps or congresscritter and then sit back thinking they have actually done something. When someone takes the time to actually put pen to paper and (Gasp!) write an actual letter and then pick up the phone and make a follow up call, calling until you actually get through to the real person and not some drone answering the phone can get better results.

    But that's hard to understand for some, and even harder to do.
    Live your life as you see fit, as will I
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    I read it before I posted it and I was surprised. Normally, with things such as this, there's always one person calling the shots telling people their rules of behavior, but, this one seemed different in that the rules were that you had to be a good shot and do your duty.

    However, with a group of disparate people coming together, I'm skeptical about factions not forming and vying for power. It's human nature. So, they may say "consensus," but sooner or later a leader will emerge and if you don't agree with the leader (or the consensus), you might have a problem.

    It sounds as though you're irritated. It's just a difference of opinion.
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    No irritation I just cannot understand the "jews to the gas chamber" attitude so prevalent these days.

    Perhaps the SS will not come to my town and they will go to the next town.
    Perhaps the SS will not come to my neighborhood and they will take the next one.
    Perhaps the SS will not take my family and they will take my neighbor instead.
    Perhaps the SS will not send me to a camp and they will take the man in front of me.

    I read the linked article to my wife and son last night. My wife called me from work to ask me to look into moving earlier.

    We'll be discussing moving to Idaho later tonight.
    The climate's similar to where we live and I have a background in machining.
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    Reflecting pool & museum? I would think an indoor shooting range and training center. This will certainly have a few fed moles signing up to live here.
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    How did you get your spouse agree to move? I have been in campaign mode for years. I personally would live in Wyoming.
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    seems to have a nice chopper landing pad/drop zone in the middle...
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    Actually I was kidding when I asked her if we should move, she surprised the heck outta me today.

    Kinda like the way we found our way out of Massachusetts. Back when the whole Kartina gun grab was going on several states filed bills to prevent any such confiscation and many were signed into law or written into state constituitions.

    Except for Massachusetts, where we lived at the time.

    In fact the Ma .gov attempted a bill which stated any .gov offical could declare an emergency "for any reason" and unleash state troopers to commence kicking in doors and grabbing guns. When the Mrs realised the door could be kicked in "for any reason" and we could be held at gunpoint while our home was torn apart and our property taken, that was the last straw for her and we were gone in three weeks.

    God bless her. [coo]
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    I pulled up and read the Citadel website. It is looking at Northern Idaho which I have heard is very different. I have heard that other groups go there to seek freedom.

    I haven't given up hope that my husband will finally say, it is time to move near people like us. Colorado is getting to liberal.
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