The clock is ticking!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pizzamonkey, Jun 14, 2007.

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    So many things going on in the world today, I fear the clock is ticking.
    The pressure is building something gotta give. Ive been preping for about 6 months and stepping it up to high gear. just hope I can get a few of my higher priced items out of the way before it's to late. When SHTF,, preping days are over. Money may be virtually worthless. if you dont have it, you aint getting it!! Anybody care to guess,,, How much time do we have? I have asked the same Q on another forum got some interesting answers, everything from right after the 08 election to the year 2012 ( the end of the myan calendar)
    Anybody care to take a shot????
    God Bless you all!!

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    I really don't think there will be a time that we'll be able to look back on and say "that's the day or week or even the month that tshtf". I think it will be a continual downhill slide like we're on right now that just keeps getting worse and worse.

    I think along the way there will be days/weeks/months where things definitely slide downhill quicker than others, but I'm not looking for any single catastrophic event or anything. Kinda like the "slowly boiling a frog alive" story where it's too late before he knows it. Many would say we're already at that point and have valid arguments.

    If you haven't read the "A brief story of Argentina", you should. I think it's a lot like where we're headed.
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