The Clydesdale of knifes ( Monkey Man's Knife Review)

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Quigley_Sharps, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    Monkey Man sent me his knife in December he made, he said he would like me to try it out and report back on how well it worked for me so here it goes my first product review……

    I didn’t get to go Whitetail hunting and put it to use on a deer like I intended to.
    But what I did get to use it on was some Fish, really big fish and more.’

    The day it showed up…..
    The knife showed up in Dec, I opened the package that was pack with care like from someone who really liked what they were sending.
    The first thing that struck me was this thing is heavy; the second thing was it was hand made and looked like a tool for cleaning and hard work. Not a pretty boy toy but a real work horse. And this thing is SHARP!!!!!

    Well after a month of abuse I now know for sure It is a work horse.
    I cleaned 6,30+ inch fish with it not a hitch out of it, then instead of using my fillet knife to finish the job , I turned to the “TOOL” not just any tool but a real man tools, ( The Thing really feel’s that way.)
    I have filleted ton's of fish and this knife did a decent job( it wasnt made to fillet fish either) it is razor sharp and hold a edge really well, the grip hold’s my hand well and with all of the slimed fish not once did the knife slip in my hands.
    So now I’m impressed …..With it not only can it hack and slash but it can cut a line with finesse.
    So I thought Id better get a hold of my Taxidermist friend and see what he has I can cut on, so I get there and Find a Couple Of critters a Bear skin and Elk cape. To work I go!!!

    The knife worked fine for the large skinning work but when it came to the cape the blade was just too big and long for small work, but she skinned great and still is super sharp!
    6 fish, one bear skin and one elk cape and still as sharp as it was when opened.

    I don’t know what MM made it out of, but it holds an edge great and can stand the toughest abuse to be giving too hunting knife, this I know because I have cut and cleaned many animals and fish, and this one will hold its own.

    She’s not a beauty prize winner, and not an ugly knife either, but the real work horse you know a person can count on.
    The Clydesdale of knifes
    Use it and abuse it and it will keep on going.
    Thanks Monkey Man for the honor of field testing your great knife.[​IMG]
  2. Valkman

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    No knife maker can ask more of a review than that, and it's a glowing review especially for a guy that hasn't made many knives. Good one MM! [beer]
  3. melbo

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    Nice Quig. Damn, I need to go back and write a review of Don's knives after hard use.
  4. TLynn

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    Great review Quig and a wonderful testimony on MM's knife.
  5. monkeyman

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    Cool, glad to see it has gotten some use and that its holding up as well as hoped. Its out of 01 tool steel BTW. Hopefuly some time this year I can come up with a belt grinder and maybe get better on the finishes, the ones I made so far were with a grinding wheel, a belt sander, hacksaw and a file. If any problems come up with it be sure to let me know, Im not super confident in my heat treat on them yet. I THINK it should hold up well even to being used for hacking bone or wood or whatever but that would be the area where I would have a bit less confidence. One of these times I need to get the steel and try makeing myself a set of knives and maybe a cleaver for butchering and see if I cant do better than the ones I have bought.
    Thanks for the review on it too.
  6. Valkman

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    The biggest reason I see for that knife not holding up is corrosion - the rougher the finish on carbon steel the faster it'll rust. Keep it oiled and it won't be a problem, but it's why I try and make them as shiny as possible. :) You'd have to leave it outside for 6 months probably, as that's a robust knife and not much will hurt it. [beer]
  7. monkeyman

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    Yeah it shouldnt be to bad for a while at least, I used corrosion-X on it and then also coated it in wax by rubbing it down heavy with a candle then heating it just enouph to melt it and rubbing it down. The guy who taught me to forge had showed me that (the wax part) to keep stuff from rusting and it works well while stored but tends to rub off a bit to easily with use, hopefuly the corrosion-X will tyake care of that though, it seems to work great for other stuff I have used it on when nothing else would even after its dried.
  8. Clyde

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  9. Valkman

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    I've been using Corrosion X on mine too - right before I send 'em out I sharpen them, wipe 'em with the X and the wife packages them. Seems to stick to the metal real well.
  10. monkeyman

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    Yeah I had tried most everything I could think of on the shotgun I keep in my truck and couldnt keep it from rusting but finaly coated it in Corrosion-X and havent had any problems since.
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