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    A very well thought out and well written piece. As Ben Franklin said we must all hang together or we will hang separately . We can not provide the excuse the left is looking for.
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    Good article, hits the right points. This should be read on all TV and radio stations.........
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    A smart, well read, honorable man capable of great violence.

    I like him.
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    Boil the frog slowly.
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  6. oldawg

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    Thanks for the link Falcon. He has it right that we need to do it with the vote peacefully. If we can't then we have to stand against them. Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I think our government underestimates how many millions will stand up either overtly or covertly and resist being robbed of what our founders gave us with their blood. Win? Lose? I don't know but I will meet my maker knowing I tried to uphold both my beliefs and long ago oaths taken. VOTE! We must do it peacefully if we can. If not then..........
  7. Cephus

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    This is a man that sees the way things are headed .
    We will only have one chance to rid ourselves of this
    danger to our way of life ,lets not let it slip through our fingers !!
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  8. wrc223

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    I wonder what the % of our population actually would take a stand?
    Obviously the sheep will be hearded but who wont be told where to go and who will fight for their land and freedom?
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  9. Falcon15

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    At a mininum, the 3%er's and the Oathkeepers, not inclusive of folks on the monkey and like-sites who are not members of either organization. If you asked me what percentage of Texas would stand, I would estimate close to 75-80% of the overall populace. The other 20-25% being the inner city areas of the major cities.
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  10. Seawolf1090

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    I figure maybe 5% of Floridians - a LOT of Liberals and Entitlement types here........
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  11. fedorthedog

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    1% of the population is 3 millions 5% is 15 million people. How many in the armed forces currently, less that that I think. Criminals have always out numbered the cops, but they dont work together so they are picked off one or two at a time. 1% of the people out number the military, same thing applies.
  12. larryinalabama

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    The governmrnt will emplode on itself.

    To many people are opting out of producing the money that the goovernjment needs to stay in business. Weather it be the million dollar per year selling of his business to take it easy and avoid the tax structure. Or the 12$ per hour worker who quits and works for cash and makes up the difference in welfare. Both cost the goobernment. Then the situtation is coming up real soon is that no one will be willing to invest in the US ponzie scheme anymore.

    Once the goovernment checks become worthless the fighting is likley to be between the groups that want to take over the country.
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  13. TwoCrows

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    The government has been in a state of cold civil war against the American people since 1934, when the NFA was enacted.
    Concord and Lexington in 1775, attempts to disarm the people against the constitution (British) did not work so well.
    This time they are using a gradual approach, disarm by small groups of weapons or people.
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  14. -06

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    There will be those who will be "loyal" to the monster's will. They will spy on the rest and even take arms against those who decided freedom was more important than "safety". The cost in personnel, properties, and tumbled lives will be astronomically high--but it has always been. The Magna Carta costs Brits terribly yet their freedom from serfdom was worth it. Russia shrugged off their elite at the cost of 1/3 of their population.
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  15. tulianr

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    True. Many folks don't realize that our Revolutionary War was in fact our first Civil War. American Colonialists were not a united front against the British Crown. In fact, those agitating for severing ties with Great Britain were firmly in the minority. It wasn't until heavy handed responses from the British military angered the populace that "revolution" became a majority opinion. Down in my neck of the woods, is the King's Mountain battlefield site. If my memory serves, there were about a thousand men on each side of the battle - patriots vs loyalists - and all but one, Patrick Ferguson, were native born Americans. It was neighbor killing neighbor.
  16. -06

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    King's mt. is not very far from me--know the story well. Sad to think that some will by necessity have to be "removed" to insure domestic tranquility.
  17. NotSoSneaky

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    Call me a pessimist but I think this ain't gonna get "fixed" without violence. NO!!
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  18. gprod55

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    We still have the right to vote. When that right is circumvented, or neutralized, patriots will become the new government. I look for a mass exodus of constitutionalists to leave supressive states heading for progressive states that allow Gods law and the constitutional freedoms to govern us. With Gods help this can be accomplished without bloodshed leaving Sodom and Gomorrah to his wrath.
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  19. tulianr

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    I agree, though I don't think that those in power will ever make it such a simple equation. No one will ever suspend elections, because there is no need to. Certainly at the national level, we are already presented with naught but a crowd of acquiescing idiots to choose from, and the political parties work hard to maintain that status quo. It will only get worse. The people of Iraq still had the "right to vote" under Sadaam's regime. The people of Russia have the "right to vote;" but do they have freedom?
  20. NotSoSneaky

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    When the two major parties are the only ones given recognition ( and recently just one) by the media, one has to question just how effective voting really is.

    I still vote but I may as well piss into the wind.

    Our Rebublic is lost.

    The only way there will be any real change is in no particular order:
    Catastrophic national disaster
    Foreign invasion
    Civil war
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