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    I see the copyright in the book but this is now available freely from the authors site. ​
    (site offline as of 1/26/2015)

    Social Catastrophes--Human Progress
    3000 BC to AD 3000


    The biggest problem is when everything seems to be going well.

    The evidence
    Dark ages have occurred over and over again. Here are the common features.

    Chapter 1 - Demise of a superpower

    Egypt was number 1 superpower for 2500 years, and is now in the third world.

    Chapter 2 - What goes up…

    Rise and fall is the most persistent theme in history.

    Chapter 3 - Imposing order

    Decline involves the loss of authority and break-up of political entities.

    Chapter 4 - Creating wealth

    Decline involves the disruption of trade.

    Chapter 5 - Asserting a moral way

    Decline involves the rejection of traditional culture and values.

    Chapter 6 - The human ferment

    Decline occurs for complex reasons that are inherent to history.

    Chapter 7 - Rotten at the core

    Societies decline only when they are rotten, although external factors may be a trigger.

    Chapter 8 - The principle of mutual causality

    Every moment of history is both a turning point and a point of continuity with the past.

    Chapter 9 - The camel's back

    Societies accumulate outmoded institutions that inhibit progress.

    Chapter 10 - The phoenix principle

    A dark age is a time of creative destruction behind a veil of obscurity.

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    Re: The Coming Dark Age

    That's along read!
    I copied it and will try to read it this weekend!
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    Re: The Coming Dark Age

    When is the movie coming out ? :D
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    Thanks to the OP for the post, I registered just to download the PDF. I read it several years ago, and was looking for it again.

    Does anyone know what happened to this site? It had a lightly active community for a while, with new information being added regularly. It was more academic than anything, but interesting nonetheless.
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    I wasn't able to access the site, either. Quite the reader, myself. Cheers, mate
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    I started reading it last night. Thanks for the post!
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