The Coming Darkness by Don Warder

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    Anyone interested in history will find many hours of pleasurable reading in this novel on the American Civil War and at the end, you will have a greater understanding of the human experience of that war.

    This is one of the best reads I've had in years.

    "As regional attitudes engulf the country in the darkness of war in late summer 1860, the reader meets five primary characters. The story involves the Eighteenth United States Regiment of Infantry and focuses on enlisted, regular army soldiers; the War from the trenches. In contrast, a portion of the story follows the First Virginia Cavalry. Confederate characters are primarily officers. Through multiple perspectives, North, South, enlisted and officer, the reader gets a broad feel for the human side of the American Civil War. Historically accurate events make up the story, it also includes what most authors fail to include; women passing as men fighting and dying on the front lines, rape, homosexuality, cruelty, ignorance, insobriety, competition and hostilities between regular and volunteer regiments in the Union army, and incompetence among both officers and enlisted men. Both sides had villains and heroes. The Coming Darkness is for readers who value lively historical action captured in the unfolding fortunes of diverse characters.

    Write to The Coming Darkness, Box 588, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019."

    Author: Don Warder
    ISBN: 0-9729564-0-9
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    Did you ever read any of Shelby Foote's stuff? I always liked reading history from the perspective of a participant. A friend of mine, Don Oja Dunaway, is one of the most extraordinary song writer/musician I have ever known. Many of his songs are brief exerpts from the day to day in a combat soldier during the War of Northern Aggression. One of my favorites is "Dance with me, Julie Ann" : a song about a catillian the night before Sherman burned Atlanta.
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    I've read some pretty good one but it's funny, up here, our book stores only carry books about the War of Southern Rebellion!!!! LOL
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    Here's a link to one of Don's songs about the battle of Kennisaw Mountain. I don't know who recorded it but they did not do it justice.
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    I do not see how anyone can be a hero when invading a sovergn nation. That's like saying the redcoats were heros.

  6. RightHand

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    Even the Redcoats were heros - to their the British - as much as our Revolutionaries were to us.
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