The coming surrender of Law Enforcement

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fedorthedog, Dec 10, 2014.

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    I am sitting here watching the current anti police sentiment and the reaction of the post 9-11 cops. It is tough for those who have been loved to understand why they are suddenly hated. The complaints have started to come in and the questions about their authority and actions. They are starting to fold already, as the riots and demo temper and the normal returns you will see a decrease in officer activity. They will back down to going to calls, not stopping people or looking for stuff. The crime rates will go up as the turds get the streets back.

    Its funny to watch thing go back to the normal that I knew in the early 80's.
  3. Dunerunner

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    And then they will complain that there isn't enough police presence on the street. People who demonstrate are anarchists.
  4. Yard Dart

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    And we as a people will loose.... due to the outcry of thieves, anarchist, thugs and hate mongers......
  5. Dunerunner

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    And the rioting and demonstrations will continue as we watch our freedoms erode.
  6. Yard Dart

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    Never let an emergency go to waste....ehhh......o_O
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  7. Tully Mars

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    Or their power is increased and the heel of the jackboot comes down harder on "soft targets" while leaving the real "baddies" alone. I fear that we are quickly approaching the point where nothing will really change until the ballot box is put aside in favor of the cartridge box for awhile.
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    Considering your AO and the distance from the current troubles... are you getting that deep of a conversation amongst the troops? If that is the case... then I suspect that conversation is happening everywhere, in most any town... and that bodes bad for the rule of law and enforcement. I would hope that it would be a conversation on how to police better vs saying F'it.... there is a problem. Though we all think this is going down the toilet bowl.... it is a tough thing to see it going down faster and faster IMO...... and I suspect you are saying just that.
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  9. Mindgrinder

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    That's a pretty narrow minded statement....I march against monsanto, support some of the Occupy movement, petition and engage local and federal politicians....

    I'm no anarchist.

    Perhaps when LEOs return to becoming public servants the public will start trusting them again.
    Alot of this hate has been brought on by the power tripping, abuse of authority, violence and theft that American cops have been caught red-handed doing and not punished for.
    In some places, just have a fairly large amount of cash on you is cause enough for them to seize it.
    Being homeless is cause enough to kill a person.

    The relentless media hype isn't helping but at some point you have to look at the reality of it....
    Plenty of LEOs have crossed the line.
  10. Yard Dart

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    And there are plenty of examples around the country, that never hit the light of day due to them being mundane good acts of service, by LEO's all around this country. We do not talk about it much.... but there are as many good cop's out there as there are bad.... and hopefully more good, then we will ever know!!
    My SIL is a deputy, many of my local friends are LEO's and many of my extended friends are ex-mil LEO's..... I have a bit of hope in our guys that serve.
  11. Mountainman

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    The lamestream media and the internet are the main causes that police are being looked at badly. Anything they do wrong or assumed to be wrong is blow out of proportion and sensationalized, especially white on black now, to get people pissed off. I think this is the plan to start massive riots so Zero can declare martial law before he leaves office.

    Beside the above there are other reasons people are getting pissed off. Most peoples contacts with police are when they are getting pulled over for a traffic infraction and ticketed. Then comes the way overpriced fines nowadays are applied to these not only to penalize you but to generate revenue. Some places will even ticket you for a few miles over the limit and/or have speed traps to generate revenue. Not going to make people police friendly doing this. Police are trained to push violating your 4th A right and for people that know their rights, not making friends there. There is also the them against us attitude, not going to get into that.

    In my past life there were always a few asshole officers and a large majority of good ones. Nowadays it seems to be the opposite of that. The newer (younger) officers have no idea of what "spirit of the law and letter of the law" means. It's letter of the law or worse anymore with most new officers. I have no idea what they are being taught in the academy now and would really like to know???
  12. Tully Mars

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    I have that hope as well, and there are "goodins' " out there. Maybe its a lot of what you said, we only hear about the bad. But I think the bad are starting to out weigh the good-especially in the larger cities. I've seen it first hand. I think a lot of the problem is the lack of common sense by many in today's world. LEO's have got to protect themselves, but the pistol ain't always needed first. OTOH, when John Q. Publik starts off being an @zzhole that certainly doesn't help his cause. For the record, my brother was a LEO until he was shot on duty by a banger, my step son is an officer with a local dept, and my DIL is a dispatcher for the county SD. I don't want to come off as a "hater" but I am wary of a lot of the LEO's out there as well. That clear as mud?:D
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  13. Mindgrinder

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    I hope I don't come off as a "LEO" hater...
    I don't have any police friends...couple fire fighters and plenty of mil but no cops....
    I want to have hope but even the cops in Canada are becoming more violent....
    more quota driven revenue generators....
    less "protectors of those who cannot protect themselves..."
    less "life savers...."
    less "the person I want to come rushing in to help when trouble starts..."
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  14. tacmotusn

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    I am no fan of heavily militarized police of any ilk. Most of you here will staunchly support the fact that 95 to 99% of the time there is no reason a man needs to lay hands on a woman or strike her. Only in rare cases where a weapon that can do some significant damage is being used by the woman, imo may a man do whatever is necessary to remove that threat. If I had a police officer lay hands on a female I was close to emotionally in my presence, I would be hard pressed not to do bodily harm to that officer come hell or high water. Ditto a cop shooting my dog. My point is; I am not expecting a return to Mayberry RFD, maybe not even Adam 12, but I don't think every encounter should quickly escalate to swat, and tasers, and guns, and multiple officer takedowns. I try my best to be courteous, respectful, and even humble when interacting with all leos. I do not like having people point weapons at me whether they are civilian, military or law enforcement. I don't like being hollered at, sworn at, or called names. The badge only goes so far. If you want respect, you should show respect. I blame reality TV shows like Cops for some of the shift in the way things are. Cops trying to outdo other cops they have seen on reality TV. I get extremely pissed at cops who do not know the law, as in the Constitution, and who act like they think they are gods and unaccountable for their actions. Between the cops and the do nothing emts in the Eric Gardner case, SOMEONE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. For any man of any color to die for a state cigarette tax fraud of a few dollars is ridiculous and very sad.
  15. Gopherman

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    Out the gate I want to say, Being a COP is a job I would NEVER want!
    It's insane to put yourself out there in that kind of situation, But,
    I got DUI .O86. I blew .O7 when they pulled me over, passed the field sobriety test, another Officer showed up as I was being released and said "Take him in, He'll blow .O8 by the time we get him there."
    I was understandably Pissed!
    When I went to the DUI classes I had to search the web for Alcohol Stats. related to DUI's in the US.
    I searched DATA on Police, and found that they not only have twice the National Avg. of Alcoholism, but also Spousal Abuse, and Drug Abuse.
    The biggest problem I see is giving a man a gun and charge him with a job like Law Enforcement, with no checks and balances, along with the Declaration that his word is better than yours, and you have a recipe for a bad situation.
    Most of the Cops I know on a personal level are Very Arrogant!
    Some are decent men, but as a whole they seem to have Short Mans Complex!
    The stress levels they are subjected to daily would make anyone crack, however, if you are going to do that job, you should be held to a HIGHER STANDARD, and I believe they should be Drug Tested, and Phsych. Evaluated regularly, as should all Public Servants.
  16. fedorthedog

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    I came from a large city many years age, San Francisco and watched the political masters surrender they, Lady Di (Feinstein ) was the mayor at the time. We are getting hit with the I know what you guys do crap by the arrestee's already. My point is we have for 13 years given love and how wonderful you are to all of these young cops. I am hearing what they talk about and watching their acts. A life full of people making official complaints about them doing their job is not what they are used to. It will affect their actions and work ethic.

    When I started in Law Enforcement, we were disliked by many and tolerated by the rest, very few loved us. I never hear thank you for your service until I have almost 20 years in and did not need it, these kids expect it and like any generation always told how wonderful they are, they react poorly when it stops.

    As to policing better based on what I see, the guy being choked wasn't he could talk. He chose to fight a lawful arrest and died due to his health issues and excitement. The kid in Missouri robbed a store and attempted to disarm a cop. Lethal force is authorized when someone is attempting to disarm you. Its not a nice job, we deal with the people others don't want to and its not a dam popularity contest. I don't care who or what you are when you are told you are under arrest do what you are told and you will be fine. Fight and we will use force and keep coming until you stop and are in custody one way or another. Kill me and another will take my place.
  17. Tully Mars

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    "I don't care who or what you are when you are told you are under arrest do what you are told and you will be fine. Fight and we will use force and keep coming until you stop and are in custody one way or another. Kill me and another will take my place."


    There it is...

    Right up there with
    "We're from the government and we're here to help" IMO
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  18. VHestin

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    There was a positive story from...Tarrant? in Alabama, a woman shoplifted some eggs(so I'm guessing her household wanted food), and the cop bought some for her.
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    PM sent, MG....
  20. Mountainman

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    I know this is the truth but did you really need to put this in there? What you first wrote was great and about to get a like from me until I got to the last part.

    Question for you...When SHTF are you going to continue being an officer or stay home to protect your family and friends?
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  21. Tully Mars

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