The constitution is coming to an end.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Nov 28, 2011.

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    In Text!

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    Just be a Male and get a divorce and you will see how oppressive the government really is. Personally I dont see the current government able to make it another generation.

    My 5 year old boy wants to go fishing with me and he cant, why, because of some JACKASS judge says so,,,,,,,,,, Do you honestly think he will grow loving Amerika and respecting the establishment?
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    Live the life of a trucker for just a few months,and You'll get a taste of what life will be like for everyone if the beast isnt reigned in soon.
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    The Tree of Liberty is Parched & Desperately Thirsty......
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    I just can not understand how so many people can see this and not care. It is honestly like the sheeple want to be enslaved by the Goverment. They are content being told what they can and can't do or what they can and can't own. The people of this country has given them the ability to over run the constitution and those of us who don't agree are terrorist, or anti-social. I have always been the type even if I dont agree with it if it is that person's god given rights let him alone. I am one of the biggest supporters of a mans rights to own firearms any firearm. But just say I wasn't I woouldn't support the goverment from taking that right away. People ask me all the time you being a Deputy how can you feel that way about guns? What if some one shoots you? I tell them killing can go both ways I shoot back and $h!theads have been around from the beging of time why outlaw guns and make good people pay. Exicute the $h!theads and problem solved
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    HEY! i didnt do it, dont rein me in...
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    Ain't that the truth!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till I can hand them back the keys and tell them to shove their job.

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