The cure for all the political posturing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ghrit, Sep 7, 2012.

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    I got to thinking the other day. Since we know all politics is crooked, why not make use of it? Just restructure the process a bit. Needs a little refining, but the idea is almost sound.

    Those that seek public office should bid for it at auction, one term at a time, rather than seek popular or electoral selection. Bids shall be submitted with a 10% non-refundable cash deposit. The take goes directly to the general fund, and the office cannot be occupied prior to the SecTreas receiving (and certifying) the full amount of the bid, in cash. The auction starts 90 days before expiration of the current office holder's term, and ends 30 days later. In the event that all owed money is NOT received by the treasury, the office goes unoccupied for no longer than 30 days, at which time the second highest bidder starts his clock on paying up. Swearing in the second highest bidder takes place upon SecTreas from the previous administration certifying receipt of cash. (Or the clock starts on the 3rd highest if second fails to make the deposit on time.) Improper or incorrect certification by SecTreas shall be automatic cause for 20 years on the hard rock pile for SecTreas, and stripping of all his ill gotten gains as well. How the winning bidder staffs his cabinet is up to him, including bids for the chairs if that is his choice.

    All of the graft and corruptive money they gain from their time in office is theirs until the term is up. At the end of the term, the electorate (all of which must be citizens) gets, by an up or down vote, to determine if they served the office honorably.

    If it’s an up vote, they get to keep the ill gotten gains and seek non public service jobs at any level. They may never hold a public office again. The cabinet goes the same route.

    If it is a down vote, they are stripped of all wealth and property save a change of underwear and two sets of clean clothes. They will be forbidden from holding any office in public service, and must obtain work at minimum wage, with no perks, no reimbursement for expenses, nor travel at company cost, no matter how high in an organization they might find themselves, and no person or organization may subsidize them. No earnings from writing or speaking will be allowed. The cabinet takes the same route as the failed honor.
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    Still a better deal than they give us.
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    I agree with post #2 and add my 2 cents.
    Those receiving a thumbs down vote, then submit to a second up or down sentencing vote. Thumbs up .... simple banishment as discribed by post #1. Thumbs down ...... public execution.
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