The current currency crisis

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by craneje, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Considering the 1000 point drop in the DOW and the $100 increase in the price of gold in the past two weeks, is now the time to max out the credit cards buying gold and silver? At the very least, I think we are in for severe (at least "double digit") [shtf]inflation for at least the next five to ten years.
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    Only if you have no plans to repay the unsecured debt. If you guess wrong, then you lose, as the metals markets are still manipulated. I would rather see you max out the cards on storage food rather than gold. Once you have the gold you will never want to give it up and it doesn't fried eggs on gold doesn't taste that good.
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    I was being a little bit facetiuos; wanting to stir up some discussion. I agree with the need for food as a priority. I'm actually doing fairly well with the Mormon's four "F"s (food, fuel, finances, & firearms) or the Army's four "B"s (beans, bullets, blankets, & bandages). I think we're entering an era where the great depression will be regarded as the "Good Old Days".
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