The Days of Our Lives

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. RightHand

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    We all have pivotal days in our lives and lately, I've been thinking about mine.

    The day my daughter was first put in my arms

    The 3 days, separated by years, that I watched that same child give birth to her own children

    Holding my dad in my arms as he died

    Crawling into my mother's hospital bed just after she had died simply to hold her one more time

    Standing on the courthouse steps after a divorce hearing weeping for all that was now lost and for all that was yet to be found

    Standing on the flybridge of my boat, cruising through Long Island Sound, the sun and sea bringing me such pleasure

    The day I really understood that my life was simply what I would make of it, nothing more, and nothing less. It was the first time I felt empowered.

    Every time my grandchildren ask to me chaparone a school field trip, or teach them something, or call me simply to talk

    Watching my parents celebrate their 50th anniversary, still in love, because I had to acknowledge that it was possible

    The first construction project I undertook and succeeded

    Those are just the ones that float to the surface - and I am struck that none of them even remotely relate to work!
  2. CRC

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    Thank you!

    I have been talking about these things a lot lately with my friend Cate..and we decided that saying is so true...:

    "Life isn't about the breaths we's about the moments that take our breath away"

    It's about the amazingly beautiful day we have been given , in which to be present and thankful and stop worrying about past matters..think and fret less about what tomorrow holds...and to live in the moment...

    We are so much more than what we do for a living...more than what we possess...thank God!
    And the things we learn...not always by the things we want to learn...
    The human condition is one of Free to make choices about how we feel about our self and the imperfect world in which we live...

    Yes..I understand what you are saying..the things I remember are not always the pivotal moments in my life...but the ones that make life worth living ...and help me keep on; keeping on..

    Thank you for that , today....much appreciated!
  3. Seacowboys

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    I -spent most of the night in a recording studio recording one of the most haunting and sad songs I had ever written and when I got home, the phone rang and I heard that my little brother had taken his own life:
    If I believed in Angels
    If I believed in angels, would they really have wings?
    Would they know how to fly? Would they know how to sing?
    Or would they just come to you in the middle of the night and offer their cold comfort in the lonely hours before daylight?
    If I believed in fairy tales, would all my wishes come true?
    Would there be words like "forever" and "I will always love you"?
    And would you have stayed with me for the rest of our life; if I believed in angels and you believed in lies.
    Did you believe in angels or was it just another game? and did the angels desert you when you got tired of playing?
    Did they come to comfort you in the middle of the night? Did you believe in angels when you took your own life?
  4. Quigley_Sharps

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    Sorry Seacowboys, I dont know what else to say......:(
  5. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    That was ten years ago and the last time I ever walked into a recording studio.
  6. RightHand

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    It may have been 10 years but I imagine you can still hear that voice on the phone. I'm sorry that you had to endure such a loss.
  7. ghostrider

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    RH, you are wise beyond your years.
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