The dismantling of the American farmer

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    by Barack Obama

    I don't like farmers. They don't vote for me...and besides, Monsanto told me to do this or they'll show the video of me being born in Africa.

    So, the way to become completely dependent on a mega-corporation is to limit the availability of the alternative goods and services they sell. Essentially, small farmers cut into their business and must be stopped. So, I basically created laws that made their everyday behavior illegal. Problem solved. Now, food can be distributed to where it's needed subsidized by a new tax. Along with free health-care, I will bring free food to the world and it will save money. Of course, the life tax will basically force you to forgo your normal income. You will just work...and the state will provide your food, housing, transportation...all the essential needs. Just like an Apple computer...everything is already there...chosen for don't even have to think about it. Just work and do your part.

    Child Labor Laws | Farming | Department of Labor | The Daily Caller
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    Coming to the Amerikan citizenry in about three years, IF the illegal alien-in-chief is re-elected. :rolleyes:
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    They've withdrawn it for now. Look for stealth implementation in the future.
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    Research Agenda 21. Much more coming in the future (some of it is already here)

    Keeping a population from being self-sufficient turns them into slaves.

    Teach your children well.
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    The POS socialist muzzie loving American hating Chicago ghetto loving kenyan has got to go next election. If he stays the swirl in the porclein bowl will speed up as he will not be inhibited with fear of re election. The man is a clear and present danger to the US---not my opinion--just something I heard at the barber shop. You know how rabble rousers are.
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    I don't in my humble opinion think that this is just a obummer agenda, this is a global corporation agenda. Doesn't matter who is in power, they are just puppets anyway.

    Unless there is a clean break from those beholden to the corporations of the world, we are in trouble.

    The policies don't change, just the face of the nations president. In recent decades, they are all the same.

    Influence to dictate policy is just a matter of money. and if you got the money, your opinions are the only ones that matter.
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    I have said it before andI will say it again, there aint no way those bastards stand a snowballs chance in hell telling me and our local farmers what we will do with our farms!!! They can take prop 21 and wipe their a** with it.

    Now that I am sufficiently pissed I am going outside to kill a chicken and burn two dozen plastic milk jugs that I am going to ignite with UNtaxed ag fuel and a f***in road flare!!
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    wrc223 Monkey+ THATS therapy. Rode the property line all out on a warrior 350 then I set earlier mentioned fire using the M-4ish, a 1lb propane cylender, and tracer rounds. Beautiful black mini mushroom cloud and a laughing farmboy with a wife screaming "What in the bloody hell are you doing out there?".
    I spared the chicken (for now) because I was in the mood for red meat. Preferably red meat I killed. We had Venison pot roast for dinner cooked in the ole dutch oven. Now I am sitting back with some home made port and a brownie.
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