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The doomsday Plane!!!!!

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by SLugomist, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. SLugomist

    SLugomist Monkey++

  2. 8PW

    8PW Silent but Deadly

    Sorry the links not working for me here.
  3. SLugomist

    SLugomist Monkey++

  4. 8PW

    8PW Silent but Deadly

    Got it that time SLug ta!

    Looks like they reckon it was the mystery plane around 9/11 too, eh?

    Big mutha.
  5. QuietOne

    QuietOne Monkey++

    You folks do understand that it was really a flying saucer using its chameleon cloaking device, dropping off a pallet (invisible, of course) of human body parts for the alien underground base beneath Tulsa. For fresh sandwich makings... [alien]
  6. oscar80

    oscar80 Monkey++

    That used to be my baby when I worked at Offutt. :)

  7. 8PW

    8PW Silent but Deadly

    You should know far more than the rest of us then.
    Kindly spill the beans. :)
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