The Electric Fence

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    When I was in my early teens, my friend Jerry (fake name) and I were walking through a wet grassy field and came upon an electric fence between us and the river. We would tap on the wire with the back of our hands to see if it was hot. Everybody in that area use what was known as weed choppers which were hot enough to burn any grass or weed that fell against the wire so you didn’t want to take any chances.

    So we come to the fence and I tap it with the back of my hand until I can hold it still and not feel a shock. I press down on the wire and go across. As it is with young men my friend Jerry feels the call of nature and is pissing on a fence post when he sees the insulator and decides to aim for it. Wham, Jerry bends over pissing all over his pants and falling on his butt in the wet grass. Getting up and raging mad he kicks at the wire to knock it down. Wham, his leg goes straight out and he’s back on the butt. Next he finds a large branch that fell from one of the alder trees near to the fence and slams it down on the wire. You guessed it wham and he jumps about two feet in the air. At this point he’s just about terminally insane, cursing and stomping back and forth threatening all kinds of destruction on the fence and me for not getting shocked.

    So I decide to test it again and you guessed it, nothing. Well Jerry decides I need a little dose of his pleasure and grabs my wrist and the wire at the same time and yup wham he’s on the ground again and I feel nothing.

    Examining the matter I notice I have on my rubber boots since we were walking in the wet grass and he has on soggy tennis shoes. I made a note.

    After he calmed down some we walked back to his house and his mother noticing Jerry’s wet crotch and angry mood ask what happened? He just stomped into his room and I decided it was in my best interest to take the fifth.
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    Stupid is as stupid does...:)
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    OMG [lolol] [ROFL] :lol: [fnny]
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