the endless nanny-state and the liberal mind

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    "don we now our gay apparel .... " changed to "don we now our bright apparel ..."

    The liberal mind at work....and in Michigan no less.

    Michigan's Cherry Knoll Elementary School Under Fire For Removing 'Gay' From 'Deck The Halls'

    Stuff you just can't say anymore because liberals are morons:
    Go get a faggot of sticks for the campfire.
    Hey, don't light that smoking in here.
    Don't be so niggardly with your donations.
    You're niggling over the details.
    There's dogs roaming around; keep the b!tches in the pen.
    Those employees aren't productive...I think we're going to have to ax them. Ax them what? Huh?
    I caught a huger grouper! A Jew fish?? eeek---you anti-Semite.
    I love your ivy, what is it? Wandering Jew.

    I could go on...but, we now live in fear of appearing to be offensive to any group so we make our language bland...or should I say, vanilla.
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    Funny thing if you call someone a Bastard,, in the modern world today its usually true
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    Ya know I grew up in area until I was in 10th grade that had every nationality ya could think of and we all taught each other a thing or two about life and we made fun each other in ways that now would get us thrown out of school .
    This country hasn't gotten better just more oppressive.

    JMHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I do think it's funny how they can whine about not offending 'minorities', but offending/bashing people they disagree with (politically) is perfectly acceptable.
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    The Florida Department of Education has been sending out notices on various events in the Department regarding the "Giving Season" - NO mention of "Christmas" anywhere......

    BUT..... here at work the IT division just held our annual Christmas Luncheon. WE still remember the real reason for this time of year.
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