The erosion of common sense

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Too bad there aren't more clerks like her:

    Clerk loses job over stand - Local News: electronic benefit transfer, ebt, debit card, cigarette, jackie whiton

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    WOW, way to stick up for her beliefs. We need more people like her!
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    (sarcasm on)
    That's fine, our social security program will take care of Jackie.
    No need to cry.
    Finally, Retirement.

    I get to retire when I'm like 100 or something.

    c'mon Class X solar flare.
    (sarcasm off)
  4. CATO

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    I see what's going on here...I just can't put it into words:

    sometime in the past, the decision was made in the govt. to de-stigmatize food stamps. First, they replace the booklets with something that looks like a credit-card, now, they're urging people to get ON the welfare rolls.

    I thought the concept was "temporary assistance," and to avoid if possible.

    Hell...with the way prices are rising...there's just going to be more and more people who aren't on EBT...paying for people on EBT, who are taking the brunt of this inequity.
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    Guit I think you got that right.

    Now that they have gone 'cashless' they just act like everyone else using their debit cards. No stigma attached as it would have been if they busted out their book of government script.

    Soon we will all be on the EBT train to sheepdom!
  6. ditch witch

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    Once upon a time while in college, I had a roommate who got food stamps. They were these colorful coupon looking things back then. I was headed to the store to buy beer, and he wanted me to get him some ice cream. He tried to hand me his food stamps. I was like, um, I'll just buy you some ice cream. He got really offended that I thought I was "too good for food stamps". I told him I had a job and pride, and he should try it sometime.

    Next day I had a job and pride, but no place to live. Lease was in his name, lol! Lived in my truck for a month. Still paid cash for my ice cream. ;)

    Now it's just a slick debit card with free money every month. No wonder everyone wants one.
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  7. Seawolf1090

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    "Free money"......yep, that's the problem. We The Taxpayers pay it, so it ain't free. But these societal leeches suck it up.
    If it were up to me, I'd giva anyone applying for public assistance ONE YEAR to get a job or take training to get a job - then the gravy train ends, period.
    In not too many years, the nation's population will be two classes - Government Employees and welfare cases. Hope I am dead by then so I don't se the sorry state this nation has fallen to.
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    That's the way it was not to long ago ('96-'97): Clinton signed a law penned by the Gingrich and the Rapepublicans that set the maximum time you could receive benefits at 60 months. I'm sure the "needy" have found work-arounds by now. Given this time limit doesn't apply to kids in most cases...who do you think gets the EBT card for them?
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    seems like us monkeys arent the only ones upset. read the comments section. We need to fix this broken POS system before its to late
  10. sgt peppersass

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    "The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, just announced that it is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.
    Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed The Animals." This is because the animals may grow dependent on handouts and not learn to take care of themselves.
    This ends today's lesson."

    that has to be my favorite comment i've read about any news article
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    In the state where I live the EBT cash is a loan that gets paid back when you get your Social Security Disability.
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    It already is too late. Wasn't it last year the FL tried to change the law to say that if you wanted a government check you had to be drug free? But the courts shot it down, something about unwarrented searches? I don't remember.

    If you want free money, you should be drug free, and if you keep poppin' babies out to stay on the government tit, you should be sterilized. Just my opinion.
  13. TwoCrows

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    The return of eugenics.

    Those whom the state finds disagreeable should be forcibly sterilized.

    It is already being done in many countries, why not the US too ?
  14. TomTurk

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    I also gotta agree that it should be out there for those who want it. Also the other side that I can agree being of having to much pride not to do it. I was there on that before, when I could of gone for ebt, or stretch the money a bit and get the job I needed to get the food. So I really was a bit more in pride on myself when I didn't have to go on that.

    Flipside of the coin, I knew someone who had to go on EBT to feed his family cause his work was still contemplating on his raise to give him. He worked hard for it to keep his family feed. Note, one child, and his job was being a jerk. He had to hang his head with shame but he never bought beer and cigarettes with it. Soon as he got the raise, he was off EBT faster then I could say "poppycock." He regrets that he ever had to go on it but he had the common sense to do things right.
  15. TwoCrows

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    In the recent past US soldiers were paid so little that they had to go on food stamps to feed their families, for all I know it could still be that way.

    Should they be sterilized ?
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  16. kckndrgn

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    Well, are they continuing to have children in order to stay on the food stamps or working their way out of needing food stamps.

    My problem is not that people have kids while on government assistance, but with the people that intentionally have kids to either stay on government assistance or get more money from the government.

    And, yes, this is personal. I have an aunt that went on to assistance after her divorce, then when her first kid turned 17, she admitted to the family that she went and got pregnant to have another child to stay on assistance. That is what I am against.

    Hell, there was a time, before I was born, when my dad was in the Navy and my mom had to get gov. assistance for a couple of months. She didn't like it, my dad didn't like it and they worked their situation out as soon as possible to get off of it.

    There is a guy here in TN who has 30 kids from 11 different women and he wants a break on his child support. Ya wanna bet that those women are getting some form of assistance? Should we really pay because these women can't keep their legs closed and this boy can't keep his willy in his pants?
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  18. Brokor

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    The communist concept of class envy is no different than the modern welfare crisis in that it creates tension between working citizens and those who (for whatever reason) decide to accept monetary aid. The taxation on income is the root catalyst, and like every social tool ever devised, it is the 'haves' who will support the 'have nots' --at least in theory. The actual fact of the matter is, we have all the potential and resources to provide for basic healthcare and support the well being for every citizen many times over without taking a single cent out of the pockets of the working class...we've just decided to be stupid instead. The United States has the largest military spending budget in the world, grossly overshadowing dozens of the next leading nations' budgets combined. We have a secret government who answers to nobody, and private banking cartels pulling every string to bankrupt America forever. Still, we have those who want to point the finger at a single mother with a smoking addiction for running her welfare debit card to purchase frivolous items, when the majority of yuppie America run up massive debt to look stylish in their Hummers and throw parties at their McMansions. The real verdict: everybody is guilty.

    We are all (mostly) tied in to the same power grids, tricked into corporate slavery by foolish consent, licensed, regulated and policed by a control matrix designed to utterly destroy all that is good with the American spirit. Our foundries and manufacturing plants have moved overseas to find cheap labor and tax incentives for the corporations. The jobs most of our middle class once held have now melted into the abysmal cracks of diplomacy and trade agreements, while the rich continue to get richer and the rest remain just as clueless. You say, "she shouldn't be able to buy that with my tax money!" --but, it was never your money to start with. Only those with an understanding about a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report will understand the government, be it state or federal, lies to you about every budget; they're in the business to profit from your ignorance.

    The government is broken because we are broken. Don't expect a politician to fix our problems. Don't expect government educated, dumbed-down brainwashed citizens to spontaneously excrete all the fluoride and lithium in their bloodstream and suddenly lose their desire to guzzle down gallons of high fructose corn syrup they consume daily. This problem won't be fixed with everyone adopting Sean Hannity's version of hard work ethics, unless we all enjoy working at McDonald's and Wal-Mart. So, the next time you see the newest version of the iPhone on the China-Mart shelves, remember you don't have to renew your phone plan and pick one up. When you watch the next multi-billion dollar researched ad on television that suggests you should buy another overpriced, imported hunk of plastic, GPS tracking, certified by the NSA, remotely controlled, gas guzzling automobile --don't go out and refinance. Better yet, tune out and throw your television out the nearest window and hire some local guy to come and repair it, then feel good for actually supporting an American business instead of a China based, slave labor, partially assembled in America union army that only wants to suck the life out of the universe.

    Do you know what I see? I see parasites running around consuming all they can. Confused, scared little parasites who cannot even remotely figure out that there's a bigger species on the block and their own kind isn't the top of the proverbial food chain --and they are in their death-throes.

    Alter your philosophies and perceptions...change the world.
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    Ahh man, we're broke...we need to raise taxes on the rich. So...hey, while we're at it, let's get Mexico in on some of this free Obama money? Huh?:

    Sessions stated:

    And the big suck continues....and by that I mean the drain of taxes from the ever-dwindling tax base.
  20. Brokor

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    Yup. The entire concept is quite fascinating, if not also aggravating to some like ourselves. The booklets and manner in which one had to file for assistance in the past has become quite popular in the form of EBT cards and direct deposit. I routinely see people using them. What we have to ask is, what's next on the horizon?

    Quote from article:
    It's obviously not intended to only help people, although that's what many of social workers believe. It's to create more slaves who are dependent upon the government for handouts. Active and routine conditioning will lead to ultimate power being wielded by the masters who throw crumbs to the serfs in the street.

    Let's look at the small businesses in America. They are closing faster than ever, and rarely will any of them be successful due to being undercut by the corporate cartel giants. Notice how the wealth has been aggregated into the hands of the few? All of this adds up to the same result: a single class of dependent citizenry with an all-powerful overlord structure in place.
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