the evil of benevolence

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    This is interesting:

    Pajamas Media » The Evil of Benevolence

    I've always thought from a young age that giving aid, especially to other countries on an ongoing basis (not disaster related) just extends and expands the suffering the aid is supposed to alleviate. Are you just creating a populace that is dependent...and, if that aid goes away, the suffering will be much worse than the original many times over.

    I just heard yesterday that Obama lifted some ban on allowing aid groups to help in Somalia. I just wonder how much that is going to actually aid al-Shabab and add to the increasing amount of piracy there.
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    Generally the lion's share of monies go to their Government, and the food that isn't taken by their Government sits and rots in warehouses, never reaching the people. "Foreign Aid", another scam to drain OUR economy.
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    I get ill when i see some thing bad happen here in the US and the media
    out lets gloss over it, but let it be in another country and the begging for money goes on and on.

    The local school kids took up money for japan and the county matched it.
    Okay good for the kids i guess but having tax dollars sent also was way too much, especial since a couple county over were hit by tornado’s.
    Oh and Fema wouldn’t help.

    Why use my tax dollars in japan and why couldnt the kids help there neighbors?
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  4. beast

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    the churches have a lot to do with that
    its cool to go "missionary" overseas
    its not so cool doin it here
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    We have a couple of small local churches that 'missionary' right here in our own county.

    Helping older folks, special needs families, etc.

    I donate supplies, money or skills with them as often as possible.
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    That's the way it should be....the way it was before FDR. Welfare today is like the magnetic pull of a planet and the welfare queen is an asteroid without much drive that can't break free. They're born into welfare and die there.

    If govt. services ever shut down or food becomes scarce due to whatever, those on the govt. teat are really going to be a threat to safety. They will be desperate an have nothing to lose. They will probably force you to do something you'd never consider.
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    It was a dark day in America when our august Government decided to get into the business of 'charities' - they have no place there! Charity work should always be voluntary and in the private sector.
    I also dislike seeing this insistence by Hollyywood elitists to go overseas to adopt foreign kids. America has a LOT of kids in 'group homes' needing real parents! But some airheaded popstar adopting a little African or Asian kid plays well to the drive-by media. Lets the airhead proclaim their 'equality' and 'tolerance' while handing the kid off to Nanny after the camera is gone........
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  8. chelloveck

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    Thank G. Dubya for pork barrelling religious interests

    Though, the Obama administration should get a kick in the cloacca for keeping that gravy train rolling in the Churches' direction. In Australia we have the same problem....though the analogues for Bush and Obama are Howard and Gillard.

    White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The stinking Icthus hanging around the necks of Australian secular taxpayers.... thanks to Howard and Gillard. What desperate politicians will prostitue themselves to do to win the votes of conservative christians in marginal electorates.

    Stop the National Schools Chaplaincy Program!
  9. CraftyMofo

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    I think what GWB did was to level the playing field, so to speak, with other charities.
    In the past, faith-based organizations were not allowed to participate in government contracts for home delivered meals, outreach, etc.
    I think Sea is just pointing out that gov't should not be in the business of charity at all.
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  10. beast

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    welfare should be treated as a job, you put in your designated hours doing whatever "sh*t" work they assign to you and you get paid for doing it right
    you dont show up or are always late, you lose that check
    there are a lot of govt offices that need cleaned
    (too bad we cant sweep away the real trash in them )
    they should also have to submit to random drug tests like any other job
    as for charity, if they dont wanna work, they dont deserve any
  11. chelloveck

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    In agree...less taxpayer & more privately subscribed charity

    George lite had the option of levelling the high side of the charity field downwards to match the faith based charities...but that would be politically more damaging than maintaining the status quo...and there WAS political capital to be bought with taxpayer money that would strengthen the faith credentials to religious voters and supporters of his administration.

    I agree...and I often wonder whether the world might be a more peaceable place if governments didn't insist on "gun benevolence" (aka military aid) to Dictatorships and repressive regimes around the world.

    Yes indeed...let military aid be the sole domain of private sector "defence" charities funded by voluntary private subscription rather than involuntary tax payer revenue. Yes, let Remmington Arms, Smith & Wesson, Northrop Grumman, Halliburton Corporation et al, hold door knock appeals, charity bazaars, cookie sales etc to raise money so that they can send product overseas in lieu of government funded military benevolence.

    I like the idea of fewer AK47's, Uzis, M16's, Steyrs etc being in international circulation....there would be one kind of international benevolent institution that I would countenance....a program to beat gun barrels into ploughshares.
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    I've been talking about this alot lately, on Facebook and to people I know in person. I was thinking about the billions spent to help other countries 'in need', when I was reading an article about how the cops went to a 'Tent City' in...Florida I think it was and tore/cut down all the tents, so now the homeless there have nowhere to be. Really? You can't spare some money to build a shelter unless it's overseas? ****heads!
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