The Evil We Face

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    By Lucy Panton
    AN FBI video has revealed in chilling detail how a British terrorist planned to blow a passenger jet out of the sky.

    The footage — obtained by the News of the World from security sources — show the shoe-bomb blast tearing a hole through the metal fuselage as if it were tin foil.


    It proves that if the attack by Brit Richard Reid on American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami in 2001 had succeeded, all 197 on board would have died.
    The video of the FBI reconstruction of his device was handed to us following the end of the year-long Operation Crevice fertiliser bomb trial.
    Five men were jailed for a total of 95 years for their part in a plot to blitz major targets. They included the Bluewater shopping centre and Ministry of Sound nightclub.

    The film was shot at the US Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. It was supplied to us to prove just how deadly and effective even the smallest of explosive devices developed by al-Qaeda are.
    The shoe-bomb was constructed from exactly the same ingredients and to the same dimensions as the one Reid possessed.
    Once detonated, the video shows the jet exploding from every angle as the shoe — with just ounces of PETN, a military explosive and TATP — triacetone triperoxide — blows a hole in the fuselage. The blast rips the plane in half, its tail snaps off and sheets of reinforced metal from the outside of the plane disintegrate.
    This is what Reid's bomb would have done to a plane full of passengers flying at 30,000ft, if the detonator had not been faulty.
    We showed the video to top anti-terror cop Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman who said: "It's only when you see the bomb going off inside a pressurised air cabin that you really see the catastrophic results. The plane is split in two.
    "The video shows the shot from inside, it's taken to show you what it would look like if you were a passenger on that flight.
    "You can see the plane shake and then it goes dark. I have seen this footage again and again and each time I still find it chilling."
    Mr Hayman added: "What this video shows is the ingenuity and the ruthlessness that these people possess, the same ingenuity and ruthlessness you saw in the Crevice trial.
    "And they're constantly refining their techniques, developing new methods of mass murder. Sometimes they sound outlandish — just like a bomb in a shoe sounds far-fetched.
    "But look at the result in this video. This is what we're fighting against."
    The footage is now to be used by Scotland Yard to train its officers. Reid, 33, who was born in Kent, pleaded guilty to attempting to blow up Flight 63.
    The court was told he was overpowered by passengers and crew as he attempted to light a fuse protruding from one of his shoes. He is serving a life sentence in the US.
    Mr Hayman agrees with the News of the World that the public should see the shocking simulation of what he could have done as he says another attack is "highly likely".
    He added: "The public has the right to know the reality of what we are facing."
    Mr Hayman also revealed that since the 7/7 London bombings anti-terror cops have thwarted SEVEN major attacks. They include Operation Kyoto, a plot to bring down a passenger jet at Heathrow. Kazi Rahman, 29, tried to buy surface-to-air missiles to carry out the attack.
    He pleaded guilty last year to trying to buy terrorist weaponry and was jailed for nine years.
    Rahman was an associate of Anthony Garcia, one of the Crevice gang.
    More than 100 people are either on trail or awaiting trial on serious Islamic terrorism charges. Mr Hayman said: "With each failure they learn from mistakes and with every plot they change tactics.
    "The number of operations has increased — things are getting worse not better.
    "The successful prosecution and conviction of Crevice underlines the resolve and serious intent of the terrorists."
    Mr Hayman is now heading up Britain's own version of the crime fighting CTU — Counter Terrorism Unit — which features on the US hit TV show 24.

    Like the CTU, which Kiefer Sutherland's character Jack Bauer operates from, our new anti-terror HQ is fitted with the latest hi-tech crime fighting equipment.
    Mr Hayman went on: "We are opening offices in Birmingham Leeds and Manchester, working alongside the one we already have in London. We have been given the financial backing by Government to set up our CTU's but even with their support the reality is we can't watch all the people all of the time.
    "Police will sometimes have to respond to what they feel is a serious threat and on occasions the evidence won't back up their actions. We have to act on intelligence responsibly but also robustly. On occasions the public may believe the police have over reacted."
    But for all the specialist equipment at the CTUs, Mr Hayman says what is still critical is information from the public. He added: "When we ask in our poster campaign ‘if you suspect report it' we are asking for a reason. We need your eyes and ears. "Our officers are doing a fantastic job but we need the support from communities. When you watch the shoe bomb video the impact of what these terrorists are capable of is frightening. The sooner people recognise the colossal task we have ahead of us the better."
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