the face of homegrown terrorism

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    angry, old, white dudes......dangerous indeed. So, they had a castor bean plant...with the assumption they're making ricin, and not castor oil or soap. So, I have a couple of those plants...and have god knows how many field manuals, books on E&E, black powder (explosives), 1x10E4s of rounds of ammo (.22 of course, which wouldn't be reported), and a year's worth of food. I'm just glad I'm not old and angry or I'd be on someone's list........

    Hearing set for 4 Georgia militia suspects
    Story posted 2011.11.09 at 06:36 AM EST
    Four suspected members of a Georgia militia who are charged with plotting attacks with toxins and explosives against unidentified government officials are set to make a court appearance.
    The four men face a bond hearing at a Gainesville federal courthouse on Wednesday.
    Prosecutors have accused 73-year-old Frederick Thomas and 67-year-old Dan Roberts of conspiring to obtain an explosive and possessing an unregistered silencer.
    Authorities also charged 55-year-old Ray Adams and 68-year-old Samuel Crump with conspiring and attempting to make ricin, a biological toxin that can be lethal in small doses.
    If convicted, the men could face more than a decade in prison. Attorneys and relatives of the men say the charges are baseless.

    Story posted 2011.11.09 at 06:36 AM EST
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    [monkeyeating] You're kidding, right? Old and angry are clearly not disqualifiers for "the list".[monkeyeating]

    I mean, heck, if I had a list, I would be OK with you being on it. :D
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    Of course...tongue-in-cheek. The way these cops and reporters create must be making a cake if you have eggs and flour in your shopping cart.

    Or course...on the other hand, maybe these old geezers were about to topple the govt.

    And nowhere have I stated how old I am...which would be really funny if I were an old geezer too.
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    The system no longer requires men to make up the estabilishment. The Chisese will loan the government enough to keep operating.
    In the eyes of the court all men are quilty, all white men are vicious wife beaters and dead beat fathers, all black men are victums but still guilty. Mexican men are illagel so leave them alone.
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    Didn't need to. Your picture is right there under your name.

    That is you, right?

    If not you are definitely going on "the list" !!!! [js]

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    Hey, y'all got it all wrong. These old geezers had their money run out, being taxed out the wazoo, and about to lose their homes.

    Now they have a roof over their heads and three hots a day for life, and free medical care. At their age, at least one or two of them won't live to stand trial....... :D
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    Funny, however Ive toured some southern jails, not by force lol, and IM sure Hell would be a Hoilday Inn compared to them.
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    Don't you guys remember the DHS memo that came out a while back as part of their "See something, say something" campaign that characterized white, middle-class angry conservative men as the greatest threat to security in the U.S.A.?

    Now we can rest easy...they found all four of them. [wannamesswitme]

    Nope...that's not me. That's Junior Brown...and he's from Texas, old, and probably fits the DHS profile.
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    Whew glad I'm just upper Lower Class & not MiddleClass :)
  10. BTPost

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    Hey, I got NO Class, at ALL.... Just ask my wife......
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    "Geezin'" and strangely proud of it! Just don't get between me and my favorite beverages[wannamesswitme]Or I qualify on all counts.:D:rolleyes:[shtf]
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    I prefer the term white trash it has a special ring to it, or at least that's what they call the white boy's here. What most of the white boy's here where I live don't understand is they get some of it but they should try being a prowd Southern white boy. If Southeren blood runs through your veins and Dixie has a special place in your heart. They treat you like a serial killer, thats alright I still love the south and all of her wonder's.
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    This is the same twisted liberal hoplophobe logic used against law abiding gun owners. If you have the equipment, and you know how to use it to commit a crime, then you must be a criminal.

    According to that criteria all women are prostitutes.
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    And Congress is constantly taking money that doesn't belong to them.....

    Criminals, ALL! :rolleyes:
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    Goes even farther back than that.

    Pay particular attention to the links: "The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Phoenix, Ariz., distributed a brochure (Images: 1, 2) to local law enforcement agencies a few years ago which defines terrorism as individuals or groups within the U.S. who engage in criminal activity to promote political or social changes. "

    But let me warn you all in advance; Reading that particular document (image) is going to probably make you very very angry.[peep]
  16. Seawolf1090

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    "....defines terrorism as individuals or groups within the U.S. who engage in criminal activity to promote political or social changes."

    Hmmm.... sounds like the OWS freaks. But the Goobermint SUPPORTS them........ :rolleyes:

    Our lofty FedGov seems to have all come from Bizarro world where everything is the opposite of ours..... their priorities are totally in reverse!
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