the FCC wants to tax the Internet

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    CATO Monkey+++ you get the feeling you are being bled dry? When did Internet service become a right to the poor? And that assumes they have a computer....why not have a tax for that? Next, they're going to need service...some redistribution for that. Why don't they just be truthful about it and for every $20k you make above the fictitious "poverty line," you have "sponsor" one poor family with: a TV, computer, smart-phone, and web access.

    A little Coolidge is relevant here:

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    kind of reminds me of the 75 cents a day commercials instead of a cup of coffee
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    Calvin was a very insightful man.
  4. Brokor

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    Just following the money trail should tell you everything you need to know. Owned by the Crown, the world will follow in the footsteps of their tiny island. What it could not gain by military force, it conquered with simple economics and incremental change.

    In simple English --the Brits are taxed beyond imagining. The same is coming to your neighborhood soon.
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