The Freest States For Off-Grid Living, Ranked 1-50

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    (The Freest States For Off-Grid Living, Ranked 1-50 | Off The Grid News)
    Image is from the CATO Institute.

    Interesting article that looks at issues related to off-grid living, such as economic freedoms.

    "The study found that personal liberty and economic freedom do not always go together.

    “Texas is one of the economically freest and personally least free states in the country,” the survey authors said.

    The authors also discovered a correlation between the number of people leaving a state and economic freedom. Between the last survey in 2012 and this year’s survey, California had a net out migration rate of -4.9 percent – meaning nearly 5 percent of the population left the state. During the same period, Texas had a net inbound migration rate of +6.7 percent." Big shock, eh?

    The ability to live "off-grid' is bounded by local laws, regulations, taxes, zoning restrictions and so on. These restrictions may be at a State level or at a local level - so research and planning in advance is necessary.

    Take a look at the link and see where your local sits in the CATO Institute's list of 'free' States.

    I was surprised to see Alaska rated as #2 of 50. That New York was rated as #50 was no surprise.
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    I have read many [dozens] or rankings where people try compare states. Each person doing it has entirely different standards they use.

    This article says: the report was not aimed at homesteaders and off-gridders, its emphasis on economic and personal freedom makes it invaluable for those who enjoy a rural life, free of government regulation.

    Yet it is titled for off-grid living, which is missleading.

    I migrated to a state that is 92% forest. I live in the forest, on solar power, in a house that I built myself. Code enforcement here is nearly non-existent. My building permit included a form for me to sign, saying that I had inspected the structure. The final 'inspection' of a home here is done by the home-owner, NOT by any municipal inspector. That is a huge freedom.

    We have constitutional carry, Open Carry or Concealed Carry, there is no need for any permits to carry a firearm here.

    I pay no income taxes. Pensions are not taxed here.

    My property taxes are $1.05/acre. It is truly hard to find any other state where you can buy land with taxes this low.

    This article ranks my state as #42 out of 50, I disagree entirely. Maine has always been in the top ten for gun-rights.
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    Interesting, but a bit bizarre on some of the rationale like the personal freedom recommendation for California:
    "Expand legal gambling. California’s political culture is unlikely to have many qualms about gaming, but legalizing nontribal casinos would require a constitutional amendment. If California’s gambling regime rose, consistently with that culture, to a standard deviation better than the national average, it would rise from 16th to 9th on personal freedom."​

    WTF? Lack of gambling is California's biggest personal freedom issue? What about micromanaging anything you want to do on your own property? How about regulating your ability to smoke on your own property? How about actively trying to disarm the common folk so they can't defend themselves from criminals?
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    Those cali loons need to stay in cali.
    All they are going to do is try and recreate what ever situation they they just ran away from wherever they end up.
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    They lost a net 5% of their population last year. Shows you how well the loonies are running things there. I'd escape, too, if I lived there. Unfortunately Cali is coming here and Oregon lawmakers and voters are hell bent on making it happen, so I'm moving someplace with much more freedom and a third less expensive. I'd join the other monkeys in Alaska if Mrs 3M and I could tolerate colder wetter greyer winters then we currently have in Nutlandia.
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    Those days are gone.

    My property taxes (house is on the edge of the ghetto) are "only" $4k/year. That $1,200 PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) doesn't come close and since it is unearned income - half goes to Uncle Sugardaddy. Net to me, about ~$500. Still no stick in the eye, but not the gravy many seem to think it is...
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    My Property Taxes on two lots (about 9 acres total) on one being Salt Water, run about $700US a year... The Beach Lot has our Beach Cabin on it... About 700SqFt... These are ALL Borough Taxes, not State...
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    We don't have property tax here. That sounds like some bullshit!
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    My taxes are also WAY out of line
    No services , pay each one & 12G for ALR land . Fvck the tea Queen , It's time for the Canuks to do something , but like Yanks , there as dead .
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    The Anchorage Assembly voted Tuesday night to increase property taxes within the Municipality of Anchorage, citing budget shortfalls as one of the culprits.

    In the group's first quart budget revisions, the yearly budget was raised by $5 million to cover various costs throughout the city.

    In turn, the average person - someone who has access to most services within Anchorage limits - is set to see a property tax increase of about $80 per $100,000 of property owned, as compared to 2016 property taxes.

    My house is appraised by the Muni at over $300K. In a more normal environment, it would be worth about 1/3 that. maybe.

    We have a far left Mayor who really wants to step up to Gov or Senator. That means he has to get the Unions on his side. That means pay increases....big ones.

    The last time we went thru this buy your way into the next office cycle, the little SOB was Mark Begich. He managed to double the cost of running the city in less than 8 years. His last act before running for Senator was to give all city Unions a minimum 5% year pay hike - then signed a 5 year contract. Oh yeah. Guaranteed 25% increase, no merit, just by being alive....

    Mark's public story that due the 'tremendous support for local unions' and seriously illegal sh!t from the FedGov against the sitting pol, Ted Stevens, Mark got elected. Proof once more that Dems are happy to use my tax money to buy votes.

    When little Mark came up for re-election, the Outside started to pour in. Reminiscent of the recent election in GA, $39 million of outside money hit the airwaves. Yes - I said $39 Million. Most was to try and keep Mark in office.

    Mark lost because he was absolutely tied to the most positively loved President in all of History for the Entire Planet - Obama. Since Mark had marched lock step with the far left, he got tossed.

    But the gift he left - wildly expensive union labor, is the gift that keeps giving.

    Consider that now of all of the folks that work here - and that is fewer every day - well over half work for are employed by a Government entity. Here in Anchorage alone, the local school district has almost 2x as many employees than the Muni. The Muni also owns the water, sewer, trash and electrical utilities. (Yes, our rates have gotten rather expensive)

    Since the oil money has dried up, the State has backed out of several bond debts and pension costs and dumped those back on local taxpayers.

    Right now there is an effort underway (lead by the Dems, of course) to impose a massive State level income tax - but only on those make over 'trigger level' amount of $. Freeloaders get to continue to get a free ride.

    I'm currently looking on the net for Out of State property and my wife is Outside this week on a week long visit to a specific area to scope out a couple of specific houses.

    Bottom line - the area is lousy with liberal Dem pols out to make their name - using my wallet.
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    They Demoncrates run the Major Cities, but the villages and towns, are highly conservative... So that leaves the State Solid RED... Begich was kicked out, specifically because he was the deciding VOTE, on ObummerCare Passage, and WE the voters REMEMBERED, Six years later, and CANNED HIS A$$... His brother is a LoonieTune HAARP Conspiricy Whaco, and his Dad was a Demoncrats Politico, killed in a Bush Plane CRASH.... Alaska's Demoncrat's Dynasty... Our Republican Dynasty is the Murkousky Family...
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    Some fella here in CO tried to build off grid and the local officials wouldn't approve his plans. He had to be tied into the grid. His structure had to have services run to his BOL. I do not think CO is really #12.
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    Idaho is number 7? I'll take that! Property issues are usually a county / city issue and needs to be addressed with county or city election ramifications for stupid regulations.
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    We're number 9. Respectable
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    We're 15, but I think we should be 3. This is literally the don't give a F**K state. Sure we have some towns that are a bit severe in their ordinances, but no one here really cares what you do and flying under the radar is soooo easy. Also, having moved from NC, they should be about 40. Some one up your behind for a permit for this and a license for that all of the time.
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