The Future Is Water: Global Control

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brokor, Dec 3, 2010.

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    "The World Society is a global network, which offers unique advantages to its members. It comprises those men and women around the world who are part of the economic, financial, social or cultural elite. The World Society is one of the world’s most exclusive societies. Joining the World Society is a unique opportunity, a privilege. The future is water. The members of the World Society are among ‘the happy few’ who will become key players in the future of our planet."

    YouTube - Michael Braverman: "Worldwide Water Conspiracy" - Alex Jones Tv 2/2

    LINK TO WEB SOURCE: Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus initiates new Grand Master | Aftermath News

    "The members of the World Society are among ‘the happy few’ who will become key players in the future of our planet."

    LINK TO THEIR OWN WEBSITE: The World Society | The object of the World Society

    The object of the World Society is…

    …the financing of the Saint Lazare Foundation and all of its activities.

    The Saint Lazare Foundation is an essential global player specializing in water. It is a place for observation, reflection, debate, investment and action. The Saint Lazare Foundation is an independent international NGO which is set to make a bold and rigorous contribution to the understanding of the changes of our times and the world’s engagement with them.
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    Selling our water to China or giving it to them to pay down debt. I've saved up a lot of water bottles, it time to start filling them back up. Blue gold. We better start recording these episodes, His Fema camp episode has been pulled, no re-runs. Alex Jones has been proved right all along.
  4. cornmonkey

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    I have three wells on my property and its my water no matter what the commies bull law say's. [freedom]
  5. VHestin

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    Don't got no wells yet, looking into that shallow well option cause we do have at least 2 seasonal underground springs. And always can put out containers to catch rain water and snow.
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    Best to look into who owns the water on your land, because in some States, you do NOT own the subsurface water, even though you own the Land. Water Rights are very much like Mineral Rights, in that they can be, or may not be, part and parcel, to the Land they are under. Up here in Alaska if your land came thru the State, you do NOT own the Water or Mineral Rights to the subsurface water or minerals. If you go thru the process, to acquire a "Water Right" from the State DNR, then that Water Right gets tied to your Deed, and then follows the Title to the Land when you sell. The State does NOT grant any Mineral Rights to ANY land to anyone, PERIOD. This is how they now OWN all the Oil and NG on the North Slope, on ALL State Land or Private Land that was sold by the State, or any Political Subdivision. When Momma and I bought our Beach Land from the State we filed for, and received a Water Right for that Land, and we get the FIRST 100 USG per Day out of Seal Creek. All others Rights to Seal Creek water are subserviate to ours, as we filed first, and it goes by filing date. So we get ours first and others take theirs in turn, until they all get theirs, or the creek goes dry. Then the next day we start all over again. I encouraged all our close neighbors to file and get their own "Water Right", as someday there will be many more folks wanting to use that resource. Now Rain isn't covered, until it hits the ground, then it belongs to the State. so, if you collect it off your roof, it is yours, but if it hits the ground, it is the States..... ., You best know what your situation IS rather than find out to late, down the road when you have need and it becomes to late....
  7. VHestin

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    Thanks for the heads up, I'll check the deed.
  8. Maxflax

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    Private wells are currently not regulated in WA State

    Besides we also have a spring coming out of our aquifer [aiw]
  9. tacmotusn

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    Have no doubt, some folks are going to die trying to shut down my wells. I was about to post a questions about wells when I came to read this post. My concerns are more post SHTF. How will you power your wells when the power no longer works. Have you thought seriously about a solar hot water system that can be piggybacked into your present gas or electric system. Here in Florida the solar water heater puts out water much hotter that produced normally from your commercial water heater. I have a friend who is a prepper and has both of these things covered a to z. Those of you who have a generator, keep in mind that when you run it in a post SHTF situation, sound will carry and mark you as a target for the "have nots". You better be surrounded by friends and like minded people or someone will want to take what is yours. How well do you know your neighbors? Now is the time to find out, not post SHTF. I am real lucky in that excellent water is available to me in under 100 feet. Two of my "have to haves" is a backup manual pump system for one of my 2 wells and a solar water heater. JMHO
  10. VHestin

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    Well can't find anything in the real estate papers about water rights, only that the title insurance policy won't pay for legal costs relating to mineral/water rights. So will go find out about who owns water rights next week when we go into town.
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    Are you sure? 'He who possesses a thing, owns that thing.' Or 'Possession is 9/10 of the law.' Do some research concerning the aquifer your wells are tied into. If any of these big power elites are pumping from the aquifer you draw from you'll be affected. There are a few states that even have laws that say you cannot capture rain that falls on your property. Somebody owns that runoff. See my two quotes for my opinion of said laws. [freedom]

    Did you watch the CT piece Brokor posted? Water being pulled from the Ogallala Aquifer affects people all the way up in South Dakota. Or it will eventually. Have a plan to store some water no mater how many wells you have. As tac mentioned, you'll need to be prepared to power any well pumps.

  12. Falcon15

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  13. dragonfly

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    NON DISCLOURE is what I have discovered on a lot of titles recently!
    seems someone is in bed with others!
    Lots of discrepancies in ntitles issued here from at least 3 title agencies, and the state refuses to hear any one of them.
    I know, I tried and I sent 300 pages to a number of agencies. They threw my complaints away!
    It does not look good.
  14. Equilibrium

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    Some supporting info here in post 18,
    I'm so glad folk realize they've got a chokehold on our water. Here's one that's an eyeopener, Communities Speak Out: Nestle, Stop Stealing Our Water | Water | AlterNet.
    It's not just Nestle although they've got the highest visibility. So-so run down on some peripheral issues here, (JP HUGE Alert} “Great Lakes” “Blue Gold” | Just Piper.
    If you haven't already, might be a good time to consider rain barrels. Some counties have banned the collection of rain water but not most.
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