The future: It will only get worse

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    "Demographics is Destiny
    As I pointed out nearly 10 years ago, the 1965 Immigration Act radically altered American society and culture.
    The British Labour Party deliberately changed the demographics of the United Kingdom for political ends.
    Barack Obama was a community organizer, and he ran his campaign like one. He assembled a coalition of Democratic voters that included unmarried women, homosexuals, abortionists, the young, Hispanics, blacks, and labor unions (as well as, one assumes, felons, illegals, and the dead).
    Pollster Scott Rasmussen noted the role of changing demographics, namely the “share of white vote falling to 72 percent.”
    The share of the U.S. electorate made up of white Catholics has continually dwindled since 2000, while the percentage of Hispanic Catholics and irreligious has increased, according to Pew Forum.
    Hispanics voted 71 percent for Obama, an increase in both share and percentage over 2008.
    SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer and honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of AmericaEliseo Medina unveiled the Left’s plans for this fast-growing group in 2010.
    Medina, who was also a member of Barack Obama’s National Latino Advisory Committee, said if liberals can “reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. Can you imagine if you had even the same ratio, two out of three, if we get eight million new voters that care about our issue and will be voting, we will create a governing coalition for the long-term, not just for an election cycle.”

    LifeSiteNews Mobile | Why Romney lost

    Given the above quote, we are on the longterm track for socialism to the max.
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    It is scary to think about having 8+ million more lib voters when we already have a majority of sheeple voters right now.
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    "Progressivism" always sounds good to those who have no knowledge of or appreciation for history. Myself.
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