The "GIFT".....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Just wanted to drop a note here and say: a yoiung man named Kevin, at well over 6 ft tall today, and "former member of our group", has come back to us...
    In fact, he now lives here and will do so as he continues his high school years 2010-2011, unless we go north.
    It became a well known fact he was having some extremely bad family scenarios, a couple years ago....(can't do much when you are 16 anyway!)
    Now, that he is 18, and has made up his own mind and will to finish school and NOT to be separated from those he calls his "friends".
    WE gladly have taken him in and will provide whatever we can, support and guidance, for this young man to graduate and be "secure" in a warm and friendly-nuturing atmosphere.
    He is assured of a home, food, and whatever we can do, to make his journey into life much easier than what he has had so far.
    Christian, (my son), is helping him to make up "lost" time in school, by getting him enrolled in high school classes on the computer, and tutoring him along the path. (4 hours a day x 2 weeks = 1 credit!)
    He was taken away from here a few months back by his "father" and had to leave this part of Phoenix.
    He's a hard working kid, full of energy, and we are glad to see him return.
    His father dropped off all of his "belongings" today, and had some rather unsavory words for the young man, so much so, I had to convince Jason, (neighbor and survivalist), it was NOT in our interests to beat the guy over the head with a pipe!
    Besides, It might have ruined a perfectly usable 24" piece of black iron pipe!
    Tomorrow, we move a lot of misc., and Kevin gets his own room!
    So, YES. it has been a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS after all.
    A real Christmas Gift to us!
    The "GIFT"...
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    I have tried to help some young people, and some not so young, over the years, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But the ones that I can't help never makes me give up trying, hope it works out.
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    Good for you bill... Best of luck helping him along. Sounds like God cut him a break for once.
  4. dragonfly

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    So far so good!
    In the am, 3 of us are going to the barber...
    That poor kid hasn't had a haircut since we took him a year ago...
    Has a head full of red hair!
    I kept mistaking him for one of my sons friends (female) from high school!
    This new years, a bunch (10-12) of the kids as I call them, all sat around playing cards, watching movies, playing video games and had pepsi's or cokes and pizza and wings.
    Guess I should feel lucky in that 2 of the kids that come over, have a father that is a Department of Public Safety (highway patrol) officer and knows he can entrust the safety of them here at my home!
    Makes ya get a warm spot inside!
    Now, having 2 older sons in uniform makes me a tad bit nervous, but it is what it is....
    It's good to have the younger generation respect you, and listen to you, when you tell them something....
    I'm Going to have to take them all up north this summer for a vacation ( that's what I'll call it and I'm stickin' to it!).
    They can do some real fishing (cold water type!), and set up a practice range and they get to camp out!
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