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    I have been telling people for months, that you can not eat gold! So why get it? But I have learned recently through discussion what may be more obvious to some...possessing gold holds large amounts of value in a small space of storage.

    Holding silver is similar, but not as expensive as gold.

    If you had a small gold nugget and a several small silver nuggets, it would be akin to having a 100 dollar bill and several 5 dollar bills.

    Storing up food (A GREAT IDEA) is good for when you will staying in one place for a long time. But what if you need to go mobile?

    Carrying that bucket of rice or flour is going to get very heavy after awhile.

    Herein lies the logic...that I have been missing.
    Portable Currency. There may come a time when our paper dollars become worthless, but small amounts of silver will go a long way when you need to have a reliable portable, light-weight currency with which to travel.

    An Example of how inconvenient GOLD is as a singular currency.
    LOOK at this video - GOLD For BREAD in Zimbabwe

    Think it can not happen here? What happens when BIG CITY FOLK run out of food? They will be coming to you!
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