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    Biden: Government has the Right “To Determine what Type of Weapons can be Owned by the Public.” - TPNN | The Tea Party News Network

    February 7, 2013
    By Greg Campbell
    TPNN Contributor
    An emotionally-charged Vice President Biden addressed House Democrats at their retreat in Virginia yesterday and assured them that it is their duty to not let politics stand in the way, that it was imperative to keep America safe by passing gun control legislation and claimed,
    “It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.”​
    Biden reiterated the Democratic stance on gun control and discussed the executive branch’s agenda for gun control which includes a ban on what they deem “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines.
    In a macabre fashion, Biden invoked the death of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, invoking bloody imagery by describing how those who were murdered were “literally riddled with bullet holes.”
    However, despite the Vice President’s impassioned plea and gruesome descriptions, he did not actually explain how any of the proposed gun control legislation would have stopped the massacre in Newtown nor how such measures would affect violent crime rates in any meaningful way.
    Biden was quick to point out, however, that he had helped create the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, but neglected to mention that it was allowed to expire in 2004 due to its lack of effect on crime rates.
    And while the 1994 ban died after ten years from a want of results, Biden spent much of his speech assuring his fellow Democrats that the political atmosphere was now safe to push for gun control, that they will not suffer the much-feared political fallout from gun rights groups.
    Politico reported,
    “’Many of you have scars on your back like I do from having acted, attempted to act, and contining to try act to deal with the senseless gun violence in America,’ he said.
    The former Delaware senator recalled the 1994 bill he helped craft, that included a now-expired federal assault weapons ban, and shortly after they passed it, Democrats ‘lost the Congress.’
    ‘Some people attribute that to the tough stands people had to take, particularly on the assault weapons ban,’ he said. ‘People have walked away learning the wrong lesson from that saying, “You know what? It’s demonstrable but it’s too risky to take on some of this stuff because look what happened last time we did this.”’​
    Biden declared that the world had changed, as had public attitudes on gun control. Additionally, through things like social media, ‘the ability to misrepresent our positions has changed.’”
    However, the country has decidedly not changed when it comes to issues of gun rights. The 1994 ban was passed after much contention on all sides and the political fallout was enormous for Democrats who lost both houses of Congress as a result. As a compromise, the bill was outfitted with a sunset clause that allowed it to expire or be renewed after ten years. However, the bill was allowed to expire as it had not demonstrated any significant value in reducing crime.
    The Democrats paid a steep political price, and almost twenty years later, the Democrats are considering a stricter, more permanent ban with the NRA swearing political consequences for any legislator who helps to enact the ban.
    As for the rest of America, the polls indicate a slight uptick in support for gun control in the immediate aftermath of the Newtown shooting, but recent polls show that half of the citizens support stricter gun control and half don’t. Recent Rasmussen polls show that 65% of Americans view gun rights as protection against governmental tyranny, 74% view the right to own a gun is a Constitutionally guaranteed right, and 66% say that the government has too much power while citizens have too little freedom.
    Furthermore, the NRA saw over 250,000 new members join the organization in the four weeks after the Newtown shooting, and 54% of the country have a favorable opinion of the organization.
    Pro-gun rallies are popping up all across the country as Americans in all fifty states gear up for February 23rd, the Day of Resistance. The Day of Resistance rallies are being creating by citizens all across the countries to remind lawmakers that they will resist unconstitutional infringements upon Second Amendment protections.
    With so much contention and resistance to even the mere discussion of further gun control measures, it seems that Biden’s proclamation to Democrats that it’s “all clear” for gun control pushes is a bit misleading.
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    Hey Biden...

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    red beans 004.JPG I got your back..But with taste.
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    How about "The government has the right to limit what type of speech can be used by the public."
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    You Monkeys with Federal Senators in the Democratic Party, need to send them an eMail, and tell them "If you vote for ANY Gun Control Legislation, I will spend my "Last Dime" to see ANYONE ELSE elected to your Seat"
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    I'm hungry for some reason...
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    “It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.”

    I did NOT know that. Glad you told me, I'd never have guessed.
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    Yeah, the dolt missed the memo which said he operates under the privilege of the People. Apparently, the Constitution escapes him entirely.
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    oh they will, just need to remove the teeth first (or 2nd amendment) then it's all fair game.
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    Actually try protesting at an event where an attendee has Secret Service Protection, You'll soon find that your speech is limited. Along with your freedom from detention and not being humiliated.
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    Yup. You can only do such in a designated "free speech zone", safely oriented away from the whole of the event.
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    Yes, yet that nonsense won't last long in this climate. Turnabout is fair play. For each citizen humiliated there will be hundreds or thousands that will respond in kind. I believe a new sensitivity will happen or some major attrition.
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    I was going to rephrase his statement to align with all the Bill of Rights, but felt it would get tedious (and depressing).
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    And more importantly it is clearly with in the rights of the citizenry to make sure that they aren't re-elected...
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