The Government Is Too Big For Checks And Balances

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    Constitution Check: Is the government too big for checks and balances? - Yahoo! News

    "Concentrations of official power may, indeed, be a threat to a free society, but when there are private concentrations of civic power—dueling “factions,” in James Madison’s words—the threat probably is being kept pretty well under control."

    Baaaa- I disagree with the notion that the threat is pretty well under control. The private concentration of civic power is being continually stifled and hammered by the bloated government at every turn, thus limiting the citizens from being effective in the challenge of government overreach. The citizens of this great country better stop being sheep and start engaging in the process or this government is going to continue to take away our free society and turn us all in to slaves of the system.
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    Ever hear of the old saying horsemen have about their horses running away--"they have the bit in their teeth". Our--strike that---the gub is the largest employer in the world and some of the agencies have larger budgets than many whole countries. Are they out of control--ever tried to reign in a run away horse. They have to often have their heads jerked around to regain their attention to the rider.
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