The Govt gives itself the power to hunt down run away slaves

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    The US government is broke. And with that comes desperation. For the last several years each new year has set a new record for US citizens living abroad renouncing their citizenship. Many others leave the plantation and live in more friendly lands.But even then they are tethered to the master and forced to turn over their wealth. The US is the only country in the world that has global taxation, read that slavery. You can not set foot in the US for years and they will still take their cut from any money you make, anywhere in the world. Now, quietly, as usual, hidden deep in the pages of a Highway transportation bill, they have slipped in a section that gives them the power to hunt down those who would dare to try to escape and to build a life somewhere else. No other country in the world treats it's citizens as much like slaves, cows to be milked, chickens to be plucked.

    "The President of the United States quietly signed H.R. 22 into law
    Buried deep within its 400+ pages is a provision giving the government the authority to revoke your passport if they believe in their sole discretion that you have “seriously delinquent tax debt.”
    When I first told you about this bill back in late November, it had not yet become law. So there was still some small chance that freedom (and sanity) would prevail.

    Well, freedom and sanity did not prevail.

    So this provision is now officially law and will be formally codified in section 7345 of the Internal Revenue Code.

    There’s no judge. No trial. It’s a simple administrative procedure. Like that… poof… you can be stripped of your passport.

    But if you think that’s vile, here’s the craziest part:

    They actually included a nifty little ‘get out of jail free clause’ for the government officials who are involved in the process.

    Section 7345(e)(3) states that:
    “The Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of State, and any of their designees shall not be liable to an individual for any action with respect to a certification by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue under section 7345. . .”

    In other words, if they screw up and revoke your passport due to some bureaucrat flunky’s Excel mistake, you’re not allowed to take action and hold them responsible.

    I find this incredible.

    A bankrupt government has just awarded itself even more power to destroy people’s freedom in the name of plundering wealth from the citizens.

    They made it happen quietly over a weekend when everyone was distracted with a violent shooting.

    And they made sure to include specific language to keep themselves from being held accountable for their mistakes.

    If you still think the government is there to protect and support you, it’s time to take a hard look at reality.

    And the past, for that matter.

    In the third century AD, Emperor Caracalla of the bankrupt Roman Empire infamously pointed to his sword and remarked “as long as we have this, we shall not run short of money.”

    That’s precisely where we are today.

    These people are flat broke. And you are nothing but a dairy cow to them, locked in a pasture to be milked dry as they slide further into bankruptcy.

    This is not some wild conspiracy theory. This is their own law, one that they passed when you weren’t looking.

    The IRS has a bold, brand new power. It can take away your passport | Fox News
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    Yeah, the guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show had "Mary - the cousin of Lois Lerner" on. The host said what Minuteman said and "Mary" called in and had a fit. "They only take your passport if you owe more than $75,000!" If you take up a gov't offer of buying your way out they MIGHT give it back, or not. It just went on and on. Then the host said "You seem to know a lot about this, do you work for the IRS?" L-l-o-o-n-n-g-g pause, "No." "Do you know someone who does?" E-v-en l-o-n-g-e-r p-a-u-s-e "Yes." He starts to ask more, like who or what they were, friends, relations, etc. and it is "I don't want to talk about it!" I was laughing my head off. Then another caller calls in and she wanted to talk about "Mary - the cousin of Lois Lerner", and I nearly wrecked the car I was laughing so hard.

    In another post I said the politicos don't care about safety, or they do, but only for the slave owners and not us, and this is exactly what I am talking about. Teddy "fat boy" Kennedy (a felon and not allowed to own guns) walks into the CONgress with a bodygaurd with two illegal machineguns and NOTHING HAPPENS TO EITHER ONE! Not long ago the young Kennedy wrecked his car by driving into a statue and when po-lice got there at 3 AM he was mumbling about needing to go vote in CONgress and was obviously either drunk or drugged up and what happened? The chief said "Would someone please give Mr. Kennedy a ride home?" Would you or me get that sort of treatment? Why doesn't the press harp on Moochele's endless multi-million dollar vacations five - six times a year? We are sheeple to be fleeced and slaughtered at will and don't you forget it!
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