The Grand Design/ GMO"S?/Vaccines?/ Strategically Placed Laws?

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    This being the Tin Foil Hat Lounge, implies, that I can probably get away with putting this out there!
    I have been concerned over the past few years about how we are being systematically hemmed in by all the different law's that are passed every day,without even our knowledge as to whats in them. These Law's are passed in a way, using language that make them literally impossible for anyone without a College Education in Law to understand and even some with one!
    Ignorance of the Law is no excuse! This is a fact!
    "But I didn't know it was Illegal!" How could you possibly? In Utah Larry Miller the owner of the Utah Jazz basketball team, (Very rich man) Decided that he was going to collect rainwater and use it in his chain of car washes, as a more eco-freindly approach than using city supplied water which has to be treated and pumped. Good Idea Right? Salt Lake City Fined him and told him to cease and desist, because they owned the water rights in the entire state and that included rain water!
    I will supply links proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the points I am trying to convey in this Message!
    Catching rain water is against the law |
    Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water
    If you read these articles you see I am not just making stuff up!
    GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) This research is able to cross anything with DNA, including plant to animal hybrids. Just the existence alone of some of these proven cross mixing achievements, proves experimentation has been taking place!!
    Look at some of the Crazy Crap that's running around or on the shelves as we speak! And that is only what we know about! Legislation is being or has been approved to put this stuff on grocery shelves without warning labels now, with more to come!
    12 bizarre examples of genetic engineering: Venomous cabbage | MNN - Mother Nature Network
    Playing God? Sounds like it to me!! This is truly a scary thing, most of what we eat everyday has some GMO components in the ingredients! Come on! Cabbage with Scorpion poison in it! That's crazy! Pigs with Rat and E-coli bacteria mixed into the genetics!
    Tin Foil Enough Yet? Wait it gets better!!
    Read the articles that go along with each of the pictures on the link, and it's down right frightening!
    It's a well known fact that feral populations such as cats, pigs, rabbits, etc... are directly linked to animals escaping encloses or deliberate release into the wild by human intervention, for whatever reason.
    Generational studies of the effect on these GMO organism can not possibly be that well know, its hasn't been around that long. What we do know is DNA is the craziest thing on the planet! What will happen 20, 30 years down the road with the offspring of a goat with spider DNA? A 120lb Goat with 8 legs that has 4 inch fangs and snares you with silk shot from its utters?
    Maybe not, but This is truly a SCI-FI nightmare in the making. You can't make this stuff up!
    It is illegal not to send your child to school!
    It is illegal and impossible to send your child to school without being vaccinated!
    Some companies Will fire you if you refuse to get a FLU SHOT!

    Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Finally Linked to Autism in Multiple Court Cases | True Activist
    The simple fact is we are systematically be hemmed in with regulations and laws that make it impossible to avoid being coerced into a box! These vaccines could one day be part of the food we eat, who knows whats in it? Do you think they'll tell us? The question becomes What choices do we
    really have? or What can we do about it?
    As food shortages become more prevalent because of Climate Change, people will become more willing to let this go on! spidermonster.
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    Well, you don't need a college indoctrination *ehem* to be knowledgeable and to comprehend the legal system. All you really need is lots of money to afford a court representative belonging to the BAR, also known as a lawyer, who is bound to obey the guidelines and constraints of Admiralty Court. The pre-existing legal structure in America was the Common Law, which is nothing more than the court case rulings within the republic, and its "laws" were tempered by respect for individual and property rights, and never were in violation of the Constitution, unless they become no "law" at all. With the creation of the new monetary system, following the stock market collapse and restructuring of government in the 1930's, a separate set of "laws" had to be created in order to regulate and punish the People since it was an unconstitutional currency. This system is purposely vague and sometimes circular in definition, comprising volumes upon volumes of definitions, terms, and rules which are constantly updated and changed in order to suit those in power. The term "public policy" is not one of legal status, it draws its assumption of power through the consent of the governed, that is to say, it exists only due to the indifference of good people. Like any Democracy, fifty-one percent of the population can, and often do decide the fate of the remaining forty-nine. In my own studies, which took place before the vast depositories of information could be found online, I would frequent the City Hall and photocopy pages from the Federal Register, the Federal Reserve Code, the United States Code, Uniform Commercial Code, and Senate Reports. One thing you should bear in mind is that the "codes" are simply public policy, they are not LAW, and were only intended to be perceived as law. The courts operate under "Statutory" jurisdiction, which is a vague term describing it as being Statutory; the courts are in fact operating under Admiralty. To understand this quagmire and how truly despicable it all is, an understanding of English Law must accompany any investigation into the matter. To those who carry out willing acts against Constitutional Law, they are not doing anything illegal because the old methods following Common Law exist outside their realm entirely. The laws of the seas were brought onto land, and words defined in their codes have strict meaning, but the meaning can only be "interpreted" by them, not by you and I. Do you see the significance? It's purposely vague and difficult to navigate because they do not want YOU to know anything --that is dangerous. Instead, they draw up requirements for lawyers to belong to the system, bound by oaths and licensed to operate, to practice "law". Like anything which is licensed, it is a privilege, and can be revoked. This grants supreme authority to those who make public policy and interpret its meaning. It is English doctrine brought on by the right of rule. The media performs its role very well, and so does government sponsored education --this serves to indoctrinate ignorant people to believe they still have rights, and that there is still justice to be found. As Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

    I have already explained how this all came to be, from the very beginning to where we are at now:

    As always, I use facts and cite all sources.
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