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    Just watch this video and I found it quit disturbing! If true there really is only one thing a truly honorable man can do. Kill ALL these sick MF!

    Many have eluded to the actions of these people, yet, there has been some lingering doubts about the accuracy of the stories that would cause a prudent man to pause. I can only pray that this is all BS, however my inner voice is telling me it is not.

    My calm nature has been disturbed. Watch it and give me some feed back.

  2. Cruisin Sloth

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    12 hrs ?? nope just 3 ,, but it still leaves you thinking

    It's DEEP and as I see , how I have followed.
    Just wish the chapters were different videos , backing up to fact check sucks !!

    I have heard of 3 strikes against the "DON" I hear they say five 5 plus ..
    Best .MIL looking after the "Don "
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    I'm surprised that you would actually inflict nearly 12 hours of back to back conspiracy theories upon yourself. I doubt that even Dick Cheney would have sanctioned that as an alternative to waterboarding for the purpose of breaking extreme renditioned Gitmo detainees. :rolleyes:

    It has all of the usual conspiracy theory suspects...mass vaccination, chem-trails, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, The Bilderberg Group, The Clintons, Podesta/Pizza-gate, The Papacy, The Freemasons, Hollywood Elites, The Illuminati, and FFS...freekin' Crop Circles!!!...and so much more.:rolleyes: all to the sounds of scary, eerie music....shades of Erich von Däniken and the Chariots of the Gods.

    I rate the 'documentary' as somewhere similar to 'Zeitgeist', or 'What the Bleep Do We Know'. Utter nonsense.

    The cherry on the cake was purported quotes from that notorious anti semite, Mel Gibson...oh but yes...he wrote and directed that piece of religious sado-masochistic porn called Passion of the Christ. Sadomasochism Glorified Mel doesn't have much credibility, Just the person to pontificate on the morality of Hollywood.

    This thread is in its rightful place...the Tinfoil Hat Lounge.
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    A truly honourable man would not become a vigilante and take the law into their own hands.

    Regardless of the tosh in 'The Great Awakening', pederast networks, child sexual abuse, and human trafficking are real, and a blight on humanity. Those offences should be investigated, prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. As disgusting as those things are and the people who commit those offences, I can't think that turning vigilante and exterminating the perps myself with extreme prejudice would be particularly helpful: It would make me no better than they.

    See something, tell someone who can actually do something about it within the rule of law, instead of impotently dreaming of vengance.

    Support an organisation which fights against child sexual abuse and exploitation. Every country has such organisations.


    Bravehearts | Australia's Leading Child Protection Organisation
    Human trafficking
  5. Dont

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    Some of those pedophiles are to important to be investigated and an not be touched. So they believe.

    You can believe your legal system may be more superior to ours, and that may be so. I do not have any understanding of the Australian legal system. However, I do know of how things have been working over here on this side of the pond and am not overly impressed with it , for some time now.

    Edited for honesty.
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  6. Dont

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    I am some what a honey badger regarding some subjects. So yes, I did endure to the end. I try and reserve my final decisions regarding rumors until I have seen enough evidence one way or the other. To many supposed conspiracy theories have been shown to be true. And I just feel most fortunate that I had never been subjected to those sorts of miss treatments. Perhaps I was just to homely. Perhaps you are just as fortunate.

    Now who was that young boy in Florida that went missing, never to to found, Adam what? His Daddy went on for how many years, hoping his son would be found. Yet, he never was. Far to many children go missing. Lost without a trace. Just gone! Hmm?
  7. chelloveck

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    I can't say that any legal system is perfect, and every system has its weaknesses...I didn't say that the Australian system was better than the legal systems USA or of any other jurisdiction for that matter, but I know that no person is so untouchable that they can't be prosecuted or otherwise held to account, whether they be Anglican Archbishops, a Governor General, a Catholic Cardinal, or a politician (State or Federal), having said that...defendants are entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence until convicted. Even acquittals will often leave a stench surrounding their credibility such that they, like a recently prosecuted Cardinal, are utterly discredited in society.
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    Sorry, but if I'm going to devote 12 hours of my remaining life to anything, it will either involve some serious payment or a cigarette at the end with a satisfied smile.
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