The Greatest Story Never Told

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    I'll have to share this commentary with friends and family .... Thanks and God bless!
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    Amen to that! I'm looking forward to that glorious day when I will receive my new glorified body ....
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    Nephilim - from the base Hebrew word: npl (נָפַל) meaning "to fall". This also includes "cause to fall", "fallen", "to kill", and "ruin". The Nephilim are the children/descendants of angels, at least in the time before Noah; possibly after, who lusted after the daughters of Eve and married them and begat a race of giants (Nephilim). The noted descendant of these giants was Goliath.

    The angels sent to warn Lot - fascinating that. . .Angels were created before man (Gen 2:1 - "Thus the heavens and earth were completed and all their host"). They were not physical beings, but could take physical form. They shine with a radiance and exude an aura that can be of utter comfort or create serious fear, even unto death. Those entering S&G were seeking the "10 righteous men (NOT people, MEN)" and found only Lot, who was the only "righteous man", yet who offered his virgin dughters to be gang Yet God still spared Lot and his family (well almost, God still lets people screw will is a real pain, just ask the Pillar of Salt...Lot's Ex-wife). I am going to repeat this for it bears repeating: Lot offered his VIRGIN DAUGHTERS to a crowd to do anything they wanted to with them, just to leave his guests alone and he was the most righteous man there. Does that begin to describe how bad Sodom and Gohmorrah were? San Fransico is begining to make S&G look like a Tupperware party. I won't even start on Washington D.C.
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    Excellent essays Minuteman. I too have reason to shun the pagan (and commercial) traditions associated with Christmas (and Easter as well, but as you say: that's another story). But, there is no denying that the nativity story is a sustaining foundation of Christianity and it is impossible for me to survive the holiday season without revisiting the events of the Saviour's birth and sacrifice. Thank you for your insight, it is a true Christmas blessing.
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    I'm a bible believer and Yashua is my Master but I feel the need to correct and elaborate upon a few matters (gets on the soapbox)

    1) He was not born in the winter.. during the winter every manger would have been packed full of animals, no room left. Many believe it was Spring Time, others believe it was early fall

    2) My mother went into a coma after a stroke. She was in her late 70s and had only one kidney left. She lived for 14 days after her water and food was cut off. (I had no say in all this) Now, after torture Yashua received, no doubt a few days were plenty, just saying

    3) He never commanded us to celebrate xmas.. and all of it's trappings today are pagan in origin as is the timing of the Winter Solstice.

    Christmas and the Pagan Connecton.

    Christmas' pagan origins

    Side note on this season:

    4) Santa is in fact Satan and even the name is an anagram of Satan..

    He flies through the air with magic (Prince of the power of the air)

    He can read your mind and know if you've been naughty or nice and he can be in millions of places at the same time (Omnipotence/Omnipresence)

    He dresses in red (That old red dragon, see Rev 12)

    Mythical, creepy little beings serve him (demons, called elves)

    He requires you to LIE to your children about him and his activities

    He mimics many facets of Yashua/Messiah, impersonating Him, while still having many markers of Satan

    How can you expect your children to believe you about Yashua/Messiah being our Redeemer after you lied to them about Satan Claws?

    Santa Claus and Satan's Cause

    SANTA CLAUS: The Great Imposter
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    Yes, the Parthians were actually some of the so called "Lost ten tribes" and Joseph had copper mines in the British isles.. many believe this was one place that Yashua spent some of his "missing years".. Joseph was a wealthy man
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    There is a Noted Professor of Sociology/Criminalogy at Weber State University, (Dr. L. Kay Gillespie) that for years has given his famous "Satan Claws" lecture, to ALL his classes, about this time of year. If you ever get the chance to read, or hear it, it is worth the time, for ANY christian.... .....
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    Max i follow what you are saying up til you slam Santa.... i think that this is a little over board... santa is satan... to live is evil...both anagrams... Santa Claus is a positive concept... not an evil one... regardless of what some may say... the original Saint Nicolas gave money to keep female childeren from becoming prostitutes... as a result he's their patron saint... and yes i've heard some folks say olk Nick and St Nick are one and the same... i don't want to argue religion as i believe everyone is entitled to theirs just wanted to disagree and move on...
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    ALSO - Santa did was not always typified as wearing red. That came about as a change made by one Thomas Nast who drew a picture for the Magazine called Harpers Weekly in 1863.

    As far back as the 17th century in Britain, pictures of him (Santa - Father Christmas in England) survive from that era, portraying him as a jolly well-nourished bearded man dressed in a long, green, fur-lined robe. He typified the spirit of good cheer at Christmas, and was reflected as the "Ghost of Christmas Present", in Charles Dickens festive classic A Christmas Carol, a great genial man in a green coat lined with fur who takes Scrooge through the bustling streets of London on the current Christmas morning, sprinkling the essence of Christmas onto the happy populace.

    Additionally, the Saint Nicolas is indeed a CHRISTIAN saint of great charity (if you are of the Catholic belief) as WD pointed out. The commercialization of Christmas has led to the bastardization of the image of Sinterklaas into what it is today. The modern portrayal of Saint Nick is indeed warped and manipulated by the liberal mainstream media and greedy toy tycoons, so in effect an innocent and honorable personage has been slandered and derided by modern business men. It is they who could be called satanic if anything.

    Also, the birth of Christ is commonly held by the Biblical scholarly circles (including archaeologists) to be in June or July. High summer. Not spring or fall. The early Church was easing the pagans they converted into their new religion and decided to celebrate Christ's Mass (Christmas) during what would be Saturnalia. . .a high pagan holiday in which gifts were exchanged.

    It worked, too.
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    Even in his death Yashua kept the fourth of Yahway's laws that he wrote in the the saphire slabs from the base of His throne in Heaven, and on sunday began his work again.
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    With Easter approaching I thought it a good time to bump this thread. Also I have been reviewing it and the studies that it is derived from. My Pastor has asked me to give a sermon to our church on this subject and I am preparing for that. So I invite any critique or advice on the topic. What did you find most interesting in my essays? Did anything not come across clearly or are there questions that you may have? I would appreciate the help to "flesh" this out into a half hour or so long sermon. That is always the hard part for me. I could go on for hours but I have to trim it down.
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    Thanks, That is Great Info !
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