The Grocery Store Shelves Were All But Empty.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Watchman220, Feb 9, 2010.

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    This can be shocking to think about. But I suppose that is why we all are here, in a survival be impressed with the reality of our preparation ambitions, with real evidence of human behavior in less that life-threatening circumstances.

    The Grocery Store Shelves Were All But Empty
  2. Brokor

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    That's awesome. Don't worry. The magical bread fairies will make more, and there will be plenty of bread by morning! The God of canned goods will shake his ethereal tree of greatness and drop off a few thousand cans per hour to replenish all the needs of the People.

    There are endless supplies of foods!!! What do you think we pay all of the Mexicans to do in this country? You wait and see! Food for EVERYBODY....FOREVER!

    /me watches television
  3. dragonfly

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    I'm waiting for FEMA! They'll help!
    "Were from the gooberment, and were here to help"!
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    Hey.....can I come live in your world ?

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    I hate to admit this...but my son was one of those caught with no groceries, and no power...He moved to NJ last year, and has no idea about snow storms, etc....I have talked until I'm blue in the face about this with him...Told him to pretend it's Hurricane Season....He called me after the 4th grocery store that was almost empty....No power, no canned goods, no bread, no milk...etc.....

    Perhaps now he'll take me more seriously......Who knows?
  6. arjuna

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    We've seen this over and over.
    Every time there is a 'one day' snowstorm the grocery stores empty out the day before the storm.
    Another lesson here might be to study the mindset of 'regular' people who hear a warning that something bad is coming: they go to the store, take all they can, even though they know they won't need it after one day.

    That's why we prep in advance of the warning. Once the ______________ happens (insert 'earthquake,' 'hurricane,' 'flood,etc.' here), it's too late to go to the local A & P.
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    The sad part of the whole mess is even if you're smart enough to drive in the mess if it shows or not up you're still caught up in all of the panic buying because stores wont or can't make emergency orders that would be delivered the day the storm was suppose to hit wheter it does or not and if you need any of the staples you're out of luck until the stores can restock which may take a few days .

    After a few decades of this I can't imagine what people who were children when this all started will do and it is all they know when the Climate shifts again and we're back to being hip deep in snow from Mid November to sometime in March .

    O well I may be long gone by then LOL !
  9. SLugomist

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    Wonder how it is up around DC, baltimore, Philly , new york right about now. Like 5 + feet of snow?
  10. texican

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    Not surprising... the 'grasshoppers' only swarm the stores when it's almost too late.

    When Hurricane Rita hit, all the golden hordes from Houston hit our area... three days 'fore the storm hit, they arrived, denuding our several grocery stores of everything edible.

    A lot of local preppers were born on that next day.... when they went to their stores and there was nothing at all to buy...
  11. tacmotusn

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    All this is more examples of why I do not like large cities, and refuse to live in one. I am so damn rural that they have to pipe in sunlight. I have 4 small towns 5 to 15 minutes away from me. All have convienence, gas and diesel, farm supplys and feed, hardwares, and groceries. All these stores struggle to stay afloat against the big box stores like Wally world. Even in the hardest of times most of these stores do whatever is neccessary to sell to the public. Even to the point of battery operated calculators when power is out. Of course over the years I learned to keep a stocked pantry, and as years passed to expand on that greatly. I guess my point to all this was.... in rural areas, most people are more prepared for whatever comes, and the stores are not picked clean as fast in emergencies. We also have community storm parties at the local firehouse with a massive soup pot, soda, bottled water, power, running water, showers, potable water container fill up etc etc. A county boy or girl will survive.
  12. Capt. Tyree

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    I would venture to say that the current "snowbasm" in the U.S. Northeast will spawn a new wave of individuals who will begin to become "preppers". After the Katrina / Rita one-two hurricane punch in Aug. / Sep. 2005, many of us prepared with renewed conviction, and were glad we did when Hurricane Ike showed up at our doorstep in Sep. 2008. Going through those experiences gives one the opportunity to witness humanity at it's best and worst.[peep]
  13. fireplaceguy

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    Saw this news as well. Too pathetic for words, and still the media mocks the only people (survivalists) who aren't part of the problem.

    Says a lot about the left that they encourage death in so many ways, and mock the few people with the will to live.

    We need to start taking them MUCH more seriously...
  14. BAT1

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    The majority of people just don't prepare ahead. I'm glad I do. Many people will be left to the whims of FEMA, and that ain't good.
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