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    Folks, I announced it on the MG Facebook page a week or two ago, but haven’t been online since, to announce it here. The new book IS finally shipping. For those that pre-ordered, thanks for your faith and patience.

    I am getting them out as quickly as I can get them from the printer, get them packaged, and then to the post office. (For the record, other books are also going out as fast as possible)


    Since it was brought to my attention, on the FB page, that at least some blog readers are unaware of it, yes, I have written a book. In fact, I’ve written FOUR of them. Ordering information can be found at the top of the page, under the “Warhammer Six Press Books” tab.

    As a word of caution though, I will repeat what I put there: this is a side thing for us. I have a day job, three kids, a wife who is in school, and a farm to run. I’m busier than the proverbial one-legged man in the ass-kicking contest. I don’t even get online more than once or twice a month, most of the time. We don’t have Internet at home, and using my phone for it is a pain in the ass, because we are pretty rural and service is shoddy. I WILL get your orders out, and you will get them. I promise. Just don’t expect it to be as fast as Amazon. [​IMG] I sat on the living room floor last night, after the kids went to bed, and packaged orders to send out today.

    If you get a shipped notice, for your orders: the Post Office has been taking between one and two weeks to actually deliver them. If it’s been three-plus weeks from a shipping notice, and you haven’t received them, by all means, email me and cuss me. Any less than that, and you’ll probably just get a “they’re on the way, I promise,” response.

    I do not normally send out tracking numbers. That’s because I drop off a bundle of packages at the Post Office, on my lunch, and they give me a long receipt with the order on them. They have tracking numbers, but only the city/state where they were sent to. Sorry for any inconvenience.


    I did an email interview with a reader for his blog, apparently. I haven’t got a link to where he is posting the responses yet, but one of the questions he asked was about the focus on this blog, towards Security issues, and if I thought other things were important also, and would I consider writing on some of those. I’ve also had students in classes who have heard stories and seen pictures of our farm, ask the same question.

    Since the new book is done finally, I can hopefully, after I get caught up more on shipping books, start doing some articles on those topics, helping to dispel–like I’ve tried to do for security-related issues–some of the bullshit prevalent in the “Prepper/Survival” community regarding living off-grid and prepping for a disruption of “normal” services.


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