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    Despite plenty of talk regarding the "Bundy Boys Last Stand" , the plight of the Hammonds seems to have quietly faded off the radar.

    Here is their Facebook Page... Free The Hammonds

    "Officially sanctioned by the Hammond Family, a place for accurate information regarding their case.

    GOAL: Bring Steven & Dwight home as soon as possible."

    Plenty of links to the issues the Hammonds and other dealing with the BLM face, as well as a petition. Check them out, show your support.
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    While I understand the desire for a petition, I don't know that it will do any good. We don't adjudicate by petition, although it may weigh in the judges decision on appeal. Not being negative, being realistic. We are seeing more and more that the .gov has infinitely deep pockets and like playing in vegas, the house always wins (in the long run) because they can play the long game.
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    "Saturday, February 20, 2016, at 2pm protesters will gather at the Japanese Fishing Village Memorial located at 1124 S. Seaside Ave., San Pedro, CA. The memorial is adjacent to the Terminal Island Federal Prison where Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond were sent January 4, 2016 to serve the remainder of their five year mandatory sentences for Arson.

    The Hammond case sparked international media attention when Nevada rancher Ammon Bundy and other protesters moved into the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge several weeks ago. The Hammonds have refused to sell their property to the BLM for decades so the BLM has attempted to destroy their livelihood and deny their right to the pursuit of happiness by arbitrarily denying permits and blocking access to water rights.

    Protesters are calling upon Attorney General Loretta Lynch to prosecute all federal officials involved in the criminal activity of denying the Hammond family their constitutionally protected rights. Gov. Brown of Oregon is called upon to protect the citizens of her state from federal abuse......"

    Follow the link to read the rest
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    Funds may be sent directly to US Bank in Burns:
    Susan or Earlyna Hammond
    c/o US Bank
    493 N. Broadway
    Burns, OR 97720
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