Alternative Medicine The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual

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    Amazon sale $1.99... It's pretty in-depth with a chapter on recognizing and harvesting herbs... and the price is right... (don't forget to purchase through the SM Amazon Link...)
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    I have a huge library of herbal books from medicinal to eating and foraging maybe 30 books?
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    Do you have a list somewhere that we can pirate from you?
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    I bought most of them from used book stores as around here there are about 20 in a 25 mile range of my books are old but will try to compile a list of them I love to visit used book stores as I even have mother earth mags. all the way back to vol. 1 most of my books are old but well read----I LOVE TO READ THE LOST ART

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    last one in my pdf library
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    WHO =world health organization.... all part of the UN. Just saying. Not everything UN is bad ;)
    and @marlas1too very nice find! thanks for the links!

    EDIT: mark as has several great links that have WHO documents
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    check out this youtube site
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