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    Circle H. Hm.
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    on the big rock candy mountain
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    That was intersting....The city I live in has a HUGE homeless population..and I've met a lot of them at a discount grocery store I go to to get meat...and they come in one of the bread distributor stores...(we take bread with that day's expiration date, and bag it in huge bags, call it "animal feed" and sell it for $2.75....) It's supposed to be for hogs, goats, chickens, but we know they're eating it....

    They interest ime, because they are "surviving"...Some live in train cars, some have "camps" in the woods...some stay at a cheap motel with 3 or 4 other guys...Some get a motel room once a week to shower, eat well, and sleep in a bed...

    When the only bar that was here in the city , that allowed them in, closed...They move different camps, etc.....
    They go to Jacksonville for a while, Tampa, even South Florida....and end up back here...

    I have met one male nurse....who is damn near Chemist....and people from all walks of life....They all have one thing in common...The ones I've talked with anyway.....

    That they "choose" that life.

    A lot of them can discuss the economy....make a stove out of anything...make meals out of anything...They know who leaves their water on outside the buildings at night so they can wash.....One guy even makes his own soap instead of buying it...I guess I've never been exposed to this culture before, and something new always grabs my attention and I want to learn about it..

    These men and women are truly surviving and will continue to do so ..I ran in to "Rick" at the store the other day...and asked how he was...He said he had once again "tried the real world" and didn't like it, and he was done trying to fit in there...

    I still don't understand it...but I'm glad they like me...because when the SHTF, they would do anything to help me....
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    Hahaha, thats great. Them Hobos has flown off to the stars, but dont you worry. They'll be back...
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    "The boxcars are all empty, and the railroad bulls are blind --"
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    I'm not homeless but I can understand their choosing a different style. "Steamtown " a national historic(railroad) site in scranton pa has a section on the "hobo" and their "lifestyle...". its interesting and as you say they are truly surivors on the fringes...
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    "There's a lake of stew, and whiskey too --"
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    The Tamp/St. Pete area has a very large population of homeless people, but 99% of them were crack addicts/alcoholics. There were a few that could truly call themselves true hobo's, and would have absolutely nothing to do with the dark element of the homeless population.
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    Well if anyone wants to know about SF homeless, just ask. I have some up front info on that. Haha. You can make a lot of things sound good as long as you throw some romanticism into it. Times were different and the world a bit saner during the days of the originals. Now it's drugs and such that mess up the free-spirit train.
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    "You can paddle all around them in a big canoe --"
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    Hey TMH have you met the guy who lives in teh Tenderloin and sounds exactly like the Cookie Monster?
    I tell you I have met so many people with Uni. degrees who end up living in the streets its not funny. Meanwhile the blue collar kids are still working the same job for who knows how long... Nice job security.
    Anyways, the homeless people up here in Victoria are not too bad, most of them are complete loopies, but ocassionally you meet the completly normal person, who also happens to be an alchy.
    Weird stuff
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    I can't say that I know the exact one, though there are a lot with the whole gruff sounding voice going on. There are definitely some strange ones out here. Saw a guy walking around the other day, short asian guy with a man's build and everything. Only difference is he had a rack that must belong to a porn star. Disturbing I tell ya.
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