The Honduras Invasion

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    The press calls it a migration or caravan but in reality it is an invasion. Thousands of Hondurans left their country and headed north with a determination to enter the United States. The MSM is showing pictures of babies and such to play on the hearts of the weak minded. We have 15 million children in America living in poverty yet the media is painting Trump as heartless to not welcome these invaders. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Meanwhile ranchers on the border are watching and waiting knowing that a crowd (now at 7,000) will be swarming the border.

    This needs to be stopped. If we seal the border to everything, businesses will be hurt. We do get produce and products from Mexico. What is the solution? Trump threatened to cut off aid to Honduras and Guatemala but still the invaders keep advancing. It started as 2,000 people led by a man with dual citizenship, now this herd has grown to 7,000. Our wall is not complete so how do we stop this? How do we keep these invaders out of our country?

    Trump is trying to stop the herd by applying pressure to other countries but so far it is not working.
    Caravan Heads Through Mexico Toward U.S. Border

    "No one is going to stop us, after all we've gone through, like crossing the river" said 21-year-old Aaron Juarez, who was accompanied by his wife and baby and was walking with difficulty because of an injury.

    ^^^^ this guy is injured, young with a wife and baby. Those three people if they get into the country will receive medical, welfare plus house assistance. That is just three. They are young so chances are high they will have an anchor baby.

    A Cat 5 hurricane is set to hit Mexico on Tuesday, maybe that will slow them down but they are determined. They know Americas economy is growing, things are allegedly getting good.
    What is to be done?
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    We cannot save the world. We have our own internal issues we need to fix before we can help others. They would be a big strain on our resources to help them. Why do they feel we owe them something over the welfare of our own needy families. I just don't understand this. I feel in my heart that this is put together by the democrats , somehow . I've seen videos of a guy with a bullhorn urging on the crowd . This is not just a crowd looking for food . It's an invasion , pure and simple. Where do they think they're going to stay once they get here. They've been told we'll give them a home , and food stamps and a check. There's no other reason I can see for this.
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    Actually, there are published plans for this 'caravan' to hook up with other organized (paid) groups and hit the border with 'around' 50K people.

    That's two full Army Divisions.

    The last time the US was hit with a good sized "people bomb", it was the Cubans dumping their trash on us. That was estimated to b about 125,000 Cubans washing ashore....

    If we could just get the CONgress to say NO welfare, no medical, no, nothing for illegals, and start busting businesses that knowingly hire (cheap) illegal labor, it could go a long way to stop this insanity.

    Make no mistake - the media will play this to the hilt to try an influence the mid-terms - and the US media isn't even Russian...

    BTW - From 1978 to 1982, 280,500 Vietnamese refugees were admitted,
    Between 1981 and 2000, the country accepted 531,310 Vietnamese political refugees and asylum-seekers. Most now enter the US on 'chain migration' .policy documents.

    In 2016 the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the total population of Vietnamese American was 2,067,527 (92.9% reporting one race, 6.5% reporting two races, 0.5% reporting three races, and 0.1% reporting four or more races). Over 70% are now English speaking US citizens.
    The majority live in Texas or California.
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    If you are looking for more information about what exists on our border as far as security and policies these links may be of interest to you. News article from Feb 2017 or Arizona Border Recon and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. I have not heard anything about the National Guard or anything that resembles a 'defense against invasion'.
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    This is an invasion by a hostile force. Most will turn out to be young physically able fighting age males. Just a few women and kids to play to tge Drive By Media's cameras. This invasion of cri.inals MUST be stopped! We need troops at the border NOW! Atop this invasion by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If this means killing them, so be it. We get serious about protecting our borders now, or we might as well open them totally. There is no middle ground.
    No other nation in the world would allow an invasion of their sovereign land like this. Why should we be different?
    Find who is funding and coordinating this invasion, arrest, try, prosecute and sentence them.
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    Here is more wood for the fire....

    Two young men painted a swastika on an American flag and burned it in front of the American Embassy. I guess they are upset that America is not welcoming them with open arms. If these young men thought that burning an American flag would get me to change my mind on this Honduras invasion, they were wrong.
    **strangely it looks like a phoenix rising in the flames of the flag.
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    Build 2 fences with a mine field in the middle.
    People want equal opportunity. A land mine is EO in its simplest possible form.
    No toe nippers. S mines only.

    If you watch the news feed of these people the vast majority are young men.
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    On the one hand I hate this, on the other hand I find it amusing that the Americans are being defeated with migration and a different kind of Colonialism. For the very same reasons that drove the migration from Europe to the Americas.......... they want what we have. Same thing just 526 year between the two.
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    Why should we be different? That is a good question. Why do our citizens respect the laws of other countries but feel our laws should be ignored. Why if American does not accept these people are we frowned upon by the UN, Canada etc..

    This is one of the fellas headed for the border. I cannot believe AP printed this, a quote from a criminal threatening violence.
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    Load them on C5As and ship them to Adak Island.... Plenry of free housing, already paid for....
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    This is Unacceptable! We need to send the Guard to the border and lock it down, i'm talking full mobilization!
    This will also spark major riots in our cities, and those need to be met with force! People need to learn to RESPECT our laws, and they need to see and learn that there are serious consequences for ignoring those laws! Rioting will not be tolerated and will be delt with as needed.
    These invaders need to be stopped, and the damn Mexicans need to be held responsible for not doing any thing to stop this from moving through their country, and allowing them to come north to our border! MEXICO needs to suffer for this, and they need to figure out what to do with these people when we stop them! We do not need to provide aid of any kind, and with the Cat 5 hurricane about to hit them head on, there is going to be massive loss of life and massive damage, Mexico will need massive amounts of aid, and that is leverage to use to effect Mexico! I'm not making bones about it, this must be stopped by what ever means needed!
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    Why do we not just INVADE HONDURUS, AND Guatamala, and make the Territrories like PR & Guam... send a bunch of Airborne Division MPs to build up a Police Force and a few fearless US Marshals to knock off the Leftists.. and then none of these folks need to come up here thru Mexico... Tell Bezos to move his headquarters down there and train these folks to rotate up here and work in his Warehouses on a two months On One month Off basis to get their economy going, and then call it DONE WITH...
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    This happening right at the mid terms has Soros and the Demotards stink all over it. Time to lock up Soros for his many crimes against this country. Besides the GOOD ideas above we need to immediately start loading up the Rio Grande River with alligators and crocodiles where these people plan on crossing.
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    This is a four part process:
    1. Pull back all troops from around the world...bring 'em home.
    2. It's time to defend our country. Line 'em up...border to border, coast to coast.
    3. Cut off ALL foreign aid. It's time to take care of our own.
    4. Tell the rest of the world to f-off, they're on their own.
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    You got it! The world HATES us, time they really felt it! Let them see what that hate cost! Let them fend for them selves, and fuck the middle East, there is nothing there but pain, blood and oil, we can do with out all that, let the rest of the world fight over it and kill each other off, hell, hand it over to Russia and let them run wild! Bring all U.S. forces home and shore up our borders and keep them here! When the world calls for help, let them beg to deaf ears! If Canada is so welcoming, those immigrants can go there and be their problem!
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    Well, now the reports are up to 14K folks out for a walk.....

    How much of that is true is hard to say.

    So, does this

    lead to this?


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    And don't forget, take Mexico while we're at it, too. A lot of these hipsters and younger Americans aren't of a military mind; this is clearly an invasion, has been for many years now. I would declare it to be an act of war and behave accordingly, show them the true might of the US military. Enough fighting in the Middle East, our greatest battle is here on our own border. Take it all, pave some parking lots and build a few hundred Taco Bells and McDonald's and call it DONE. Plenty of resources down there, invite the corporations to start mining and building, lots of work for the people we don't have to kill.
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