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    from "men in blacK":GOOD TO KEEP IN MIND: HERE's SOME SEMI-SERIOUS fun but less than reliable sources:
    they have proven themselves as REGULARLY propagating sensational stories with somewhat "less than optimum regard for the truth":
    ( Jeez one could argue it applies directly to me...yeesh:oops: )

    forums include
    Imho Richard Hoagland's Enterprise mission.com is utter hogwash
    Might as well include Alex Jonses' 'INFOWARS.COM

    Since they made the comment section registered users only (I believe more and more he gets his funding from the FBI, DHS, DIA ( or whoever is in charge of american propaganda.) he can talk over guests and bullhorn out of context stuff at rally's and get a testosterone laden following :

    " we're coming for you bilderbergers !!"

    yeah!!!yeah! oohrah!...

    " ding ding
    jingle ding"
    "we're not your slaaaaaaves...!

    " uh Alex that's just the good humor ice cream truck"
    " jingle jingle ding"...
    "deeeeaaaaath to the new world order"

    "they're sneakin flouride into the bomb pops!"

    Don' forget my new video "Dental caries 5" is out on dvd"b::b::
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    I have no idea what is being said in your post aside from some skeptic pining about how he thinks that Alex Jones is some government douchebag who fully intends on selling out the American people by keeping them in a perpetual state of awareness about the Elite and their scheming.

    You know, only a convoluted mind would dream up such ridiculous nonsense. He probably called in to the show and was placed on wait or Alex told him to take a hike because he was just regurgitating more of the same stuff he already covered a million times on the Jones Show, and the kid got mad and now he thinks that Jones is some kind of CIA mastermind on a payroll. Well, he isn't.

    And another thing, the "propaganda" we keep seeing on the internet is a prime example of people like this guy who continues to spout off on every thought in his mind like its the truth, blog about them without referencing anything in particular, and behaving like a schizophrenic in long need of electroshock therapy. The government really doesn't need to deploy massive propaganda campaigns (although they sometimes do) when guys like this roam the web. He does all the work for them -blasting Jones for being a patriot while sitting back in his arm chair acting like Inspector Gadget's nemesis, Dr. Claw.

    I really have no sympathy for people like this any more. It's so easy to point a finger and place blame on somebody for all the problems we face, but it is much more difficult to actually go out and work at making a difference in the world. Alex Jones lives his life dedicated to spreading awareness, using reported media and factual events, dialogue, and recorded instances to create shock for a mindless, subservient, hopeless people who are lost and frightened and without leadership in a dull, dreary world filled with chaos and deceit. Because we cannot tolerate greatness in our midst, we do everything we can to destroy it; this is a great tragedy in the making.

    I would rather see fools like this simply get off their bums and take part in their communities than see them act like Magnum P.I. on cocaine, declaring that every motivated patriot out there is some kind of hired henchman of the FBI.

  3. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Wow: is my writing that incomphrehensible? Think I've been insulted quite enough.
    R:E My O.P.
    I've been guilty of posting extreme end of the world stuff based on these fringe sites I look like a complete fear mongering tool and then I go back to the source and their original 65 page thread of certain doom is deleted, and they are 8 pages into the next utter catastrophe .without so much as a mention of:
    "sorry we propagated utter b.s.and fear mongering;we really didn't know what we were looking at."

    I find all the listed sites are guilty of the same:
    i.e.Above top secret: "I have a highly place inside source who says:" aliens landing on wh lawn! full disclosure coming the 25th".And when it passes uneventfully no mention is ever made of it again.

    I'm beginning to find all the half truths and out of context headlines a a colossal waste of my life.

    There isn't a damn thing I can do about u.n. treaties; the "nwo"; or bankers taking what ever they want.
    I'm gonna continue to load the pantry, ammo locker and personal library racks. advance my skills;get out and actually shoot or hike when I can and enjoy the world while it still has some semblance of normality..

    And I might even take you up on this: "I would rather see fools like this simply get off their bums and take part in their communities"...not that you'll ever know or would care to...

    Alex lost me; he puts words in his interviewees mouth or just rants over the top of them.Infowars headlines are constantly taken completely out of context or stretched to the limit of credibility...

    Hoagland is a charlatan selling the "geometry of torsional physics"; domes on the dark side of the moon and robot "skulls" in pixellated images from mars rovers; as his snake oil.

    So I included them among my "list of questionable" sources: that have made dire claims that didn't materialize and should at least own up to it before proclaiming the next big "bad" thing...

    I wrote that crap trying to express an idea I couldn't quite put into words. But if you got all that insulting commentary outta' that little play dialogue about Alex's bullhorn ranting:
    Then; perhaps I don't have the leeway to just pound the keys and see what coagulates out of the jell, anymore (assuming I ever did). Good night Brokor.
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    LOL Tango sometimes you don't form complete sentences and follow through completely with an idea before moving on to another.

    I agree with your last post though. :) Alex is a loud mouth and he does talk all over people. And you already know that I love your posts.
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    [LMAO] Too funny T3![applaud]
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