The Humanure Handbook

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    The Humanure Handbook

    The Humanure Handbook - Table of Contents

    The Humanure Handbook was something of an accidental literary phenomenon. Joe Jenkins began writing the book as a master's thesis while attending Slippery Rock University's Master of Science in Sustainable Systems program in northwestern Pennsylvania in the early 90s. Not content with academic convention, but fastinated with the topic of humanure composting, Jenkins decided to convert the book's language into a popular format and self-publish the thesis as a book. [Read a newspaper article about the philosophical underpinnings of humanure.]

    The intention was to learn how to "self-publish" using a book that probably no one would ever read. As expected, every possible publishing mistake was made on the first edition of the book, published in January 1995. Yet, an unbelievable 10,000 copies sold. Clearly there was more interest in this topic than Jenkins had expected, so he revised the book and published the 2nd edition in 1999. This edition sold another 15,000 copies and won awards. See reader feedback of the Humanure Handbook.

    The 3rd edition was published in 2005, sold out its first 10,000 printing, sold out its next 10,000 printing, and is working on the next 15,000 copies, most of which have already been sold. The book and topic receive regular coverage in the news and have been mentioned on Howard Stern, BBC, CBC, NPR, the New Yorker Magazine, Grist, Seoul Broadcasting (SBS), Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Mother Earth News, and many others. See reviews of the Humanure Handbook.

    Jenkins maintains a business in north western Pennsylvania (Joseph Jenkins, Inc.), where he resides on 143 acres with a large garden, an orchard, several family members, and a compost pile or two. Jenkins speaks at various venues when time allows, provides consulting services, maintains a publishing business, and two online stores, including one on this site.
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    Who says you can't turn shit into money?
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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Guess what the use in china , and many other countries for centuries. Of course will the factory that sell fertilizer say that it can`t be used or is fatal.
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    Mexico - hauls in as much human waste as it can find around the border area - and they are allowed to use it directly on the vegetable raising grounds - that's why you never touch anything else in the grocery store after going thru the veggie department - and dump those veggies & fruits directly into the sink when you get home ...

    in the US it can be used on the non-food raising fields - but not much is said about the run off ....
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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Using it directly is dangerous it need to ferment like a compost heap. Else you bring in every disease the have in your food.
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    Western societies extrude a much more medicated brand of excrement than those third world countries due to a significant percentage of our populace being on all kinds of physical and mental medication. The potential for trace residuals of those medicines getting into the soil and even the veggies is worth considering. It is ironic that our shXt is less desirable than their shXt for that reason.(n)
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    For how long, you think?
    Maybe 6 months to one year of composting, before attempting to use it on growing vegetables?
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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Depend on the temperature,i would place a thermometer inside if it gets over 70 for a week i think it would be safe to use the inside! thats why you restack the compost heap :) Not so much info to find ,even on "normal" compost heaps on what dies when.
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    Does anyone remember the total number of worms they dug out of that North Korean border guard who escaped to South Korea? If I recall correctly, the surgeon who treated him said he hadn't seen such parasites in twenty years of practice.

    North Korea encourages its populace to fertilize crops with human waste. So does China.

    You will never see raw vegetables served at a restaurant in either country. All produce is cooked before being eaten.

    William Warren

    P.S. Ditto for dog and cat manure. Of course, neither China nor North Korea has enough surplus food to allow pets to anyone but the elites, so it's a non-issue there.
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    A few Biogas resources is what I plan to upload soon. I am considering trying to try biogas, myself. Here, LPG is commonly used for cooking. That, wood, or charcoal. I saw one video where they used truck tire inner tubes to store the methane. I thought those to be interesting storage vessels.

    Taking worm pills anywhere in SEA, is advisable. Here in Cambodia, it is advisable to take them every 3 to 6 months.
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