The Idiot sharpton has more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him

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    The IRS had plenty of resources to go after right wing 501 c3's and lose the emails along with barrys cabal covering it up but no time for the Idiot sharpton.
    I guarantee you that if a real investigation is ever done on sharpton's finances and drug sales he would be have fun dodging shiv's in the Gray bar hotel from all of the guys he has ratted out.

    Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses. And though he said in recent interviews that he was paying both down, his balance with the state, at least, has actually grown in recent years. His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees.

    With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as “abusive,” or “potentially criminal” if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.

    Mr. Sharpton and the National Action Network have repeatedly failed to pay travel agencies, hotels and landlords. He has leaned on the generosity of friends and sometimes even the organization, intermingling its finances with his own to cover his daughters’ private school tuition.

    He has been in the news as much as ever this year, becoming a prominent advocate on behalf of the families of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died in police custody, and Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo. He also has a daily platform through his show on MSNBC.

    Behind the scenes, he has consulted with the mayor and the president on matters of race and civil rights and even the occasional high-level appointment. He was among a small group at the White House when Mr. Obama announced his nomination of Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, to become the next attorney general.

    Mr. Sharpton’s newly found insider status represents a potential financial boon for him, furnishing him with new credibility and a surge in donations. His politician-heavy birthday party, at one of New York City’s most expensive restaurants, was billed as a fund-raiser to help his organization. Mr. Obama also spoke at the organization’s convention in April, its primary fund-raising event.
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    They are on me for some cash, no where close to even 5000 grand and they were talking brutal. I have seen them threaten to levy old widows accounts for a couple of grand. I loath that the IRS has become so blatantly political, it really makes me sick. For 99.9% of the population the irs would have collected way before the balance got so high, the taxpayer would be allowed to own next to nothing. For what it is worth the rev al can take a dive into an empty pool full of hungry aggressive little chihuahuas.
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    cruelty to animals, why poison the little darlings?
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    Al is getting plenty of cover by his criminal cohorts in the government. He is Barry's race baiting proxy..... he has been sanctioned to cause shit... and due to that, the IRS has been told to not touch him.... :mad:
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    Can't go after a race baiter, that might appear to be ....racist, don't you know.:rolleyes:
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    barrys bombastic biased based bulls**t baiting buddy
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    Goes to prove the old truism "If you're gonna lie, cheat and steal, do it BIG!"

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