The Inconvenient Truth

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, May 17, 2014.

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    The inconvenient truth about climate change and Obama’s policies | Fox News

    "an economy impoverished by mindless micro-management from Washington" is the problem.....
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    These are my thoughts. I am sick of getting beat up by the gov't because we are not doing enough yet we keep promoting these countries that are undoing all of our efforts. Our efforts are good but it is not a wash. We can't make another country do their part but we should/can speak with our dollars. I do wonder why other countries such as China and India don't at least try to make an effort.
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    Simple. We pay them not to. Every dollar we spend for products they made while doing what they do, fuels their economy, and their factories(which are producing both our products, and more pollutants.)
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    Easterners know crap air , it's like china , westerner's talk but have NO clue.
    USA is just as bad as many other country's .. PLEASE , you've haven't squeaked clean for as long as you have been believing the BS .
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    Shutting down the "clean coal" isn't aboot "saving the world..." - it's aboot raising electricity prices for all Americans. US already imports massive amounts of hydro from Canada.
    It's more aboot making it impossible to manufacture ANYTHING in the USA than it is aboot any enviro issue. They want you bankrupt, unable to pay your bills with no heat, hydro, no made in the USA clothes, vehicles, technology and not near enough home grown food to feed your population...'ll call out to the government "DO SOMETHING! We give you all the power to save us!"
    And the vast majority of American will.
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    I distinctly remember the "Carter Years" and how that SOB talked about "synching our belts" and "malaise"- all because he and his 60s radical socialists were embarrassed at the USA.

    The times may have changed- but the mantra of the "Benevolent Socialist" hasn't.

    "Give us all before we take all."

    Communism- only slower.
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