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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ditch witch, May 1, 2013.

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    The rent-a-kid went on a school trip today, said it was for some "World Hunger" thing. Um, ok cool. This evening at dinner she was talking about it and laughing because they were asking the kids questions like "Do you know how many eggs a chicken lays in a month?" and the kids were saying things like 100 or 1500. [eek3]

    The kid said 30, because she knew ours laid about an egg a day. She was all proud that she knew the answer. Anyway then she said how the whole thing was like some big propegandafest, that they were telling everyone how organic was a waste of money and studies had proven that free range eggs were no better than traditional, battery farmed ones, how all meat at the store was "all natural" and there was no need for labeling of that sort.

    Well wait a minute, sez I. I thought you were going on some feed the africans thing.
    That's what they told us, she sez, but the whole time they were talking about how great the US agriculture system is, it's the best in the world and we have 9 billion people to feed in the next so many years, and that if it weren't for modern farming technology everyone would starve to death.


    The program was put on by Drive to Feed the World - Chew On This Tour |
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    Mmm yes, I see that she benefited from this great educational experience.... the public school system has been corrupted completely by the lib tards. I am happy that I do not have kid's of school age anymore, but terrified of the results that may come from the kids that are.......:(
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    Sounds like a Monsanto PR Campaine.... With Audio Visual props direct from them....
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    She normally does the "I don't care la la la la" thing whenever the topic of food production or whatnot comes up, but after this she was like, wow someone is putting out a lot of money to make people believe all of this. Apparently they provided the kids with a huge BBQ dinner afterwards... all the food was of course, "all natural" and made possible through the wonders of modern technology.

    I have noticed she is much more sensitive than the other kids around here to recognizing propaganda when she sees it though, perhaps part of growing up in a country that was, until just 20 years ago, under communist thumb. She said it was just like the stories her parents told, how they would gather everyone in the squares and go on about how wonderful such and such was, and have the people chant along in support.... pretty much just like they did today, spouting out "facts" and having the kids yell back "chew on that!". The other kids, according to her anyway, pretty much swallowed it whole.

    As a friend of mine who also has a kid in that school said, "Why are you surprised? Who do you think PAYS for the food in that school cafeteria?" Yeah, duh on me.
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    I don't think its fair to say that liberals are the only ones crashing the country. Bush and Clinton and Gore and Obama and even Carter are all working together to crash it as fast as they can. Don't divide and conquer. They don't need any help getting it done. They are doing just fine... but as for the original post, that's how communism rolls.
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    Whenever I have any doubts, I just re-read the Jesuit oath.
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    At least she recognizes propaganda when she sees it. As you stated, most kids don't and just believe the lies without question.
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    My children refuse to eat the schools food because it is nasty. I am very concerned on this misleading field trip. It sends up a red flag how they are prepping these children not to go organic, i.e grow their own. I have been seeing articles here & there about local/small farmers being under attack from the gov't.
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    Well if you went to the link in the OP you'll see how much $$$ is rolling behind this. They've got that wrestler Bill Goldberg shilling for it, for starters. Ours wasn't the only school that went. She said they'd expected 1500 kids but got about half that so everyone got seconds on the BBQ.

    Our principal here is far more concerned over what color someone's hair is or whether or not the hems on their jeans are frayed to think twice about this sort of thing. Once more am so glad I don't have kids, coz I'd hafta homeschool the little germ vectors. ;)
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