The jewish question

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dystopia, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Let me 1st say that i grew up outside N.Y.C. and had many jewish freinds and i am in no way dissing people of jewish heritage. That being said i wonder why so many wealthy people that identify themselves as jewish are the most vocal anti gun activist in this country, Soros, bloomberg, emanuel, feinstein. I keep on hoping that someone in the news media would ask this question. i know that there are many different faiths in the anti gun movement but the people most associated with it, the ones you see on the tv are the above names.
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    Simple, they have FORGOTTEN Warsaw, Poland..... or just chose to ignore that part of History.....
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    Because now They are the ones in power and don't want to lose it through armed subjects. They know history well but believe if They hold the sword They will be the oppressors this time around.
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