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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Motomom34, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Motomom34

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    Yesterday we went to the Junk Yard, actually two. One yard was having their Labor Day sale at 40% off. U Pull and Pay was a great place. Took a few hours but we found what we were after. Standing there among the remains of all those vehicles, I remembered the TOTM, Survivor McGyver- Car. The boy and I are creating a list. There are a few projects that had been put on hold due to cost. I think the junk yard will give us the materials we need. We are putting together a list of stuff we need and want. I also plan on grabbing some seat belts and other things to practice making a bag/pack from car materials.

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  2. Big Ron

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    The u pick it is where i have gotten some parts for my old Ford. I was thinking of building a small doddlebug kind tractor. Lots of parts at the junkyard.
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  3. SB21

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    Looks like my kinda playground,,,,:D
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  4. HK_User

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    More intel to find me.

    I worked in a Junk Yard as a Kid.

    We called it a Wrecking Yard, name is Opsec. Name went something like this "XXXXX's WRECKING YARD Careful of the Guard Dogs." It was just a little south and 'n west of the Trinity River. You'll have to figure out what Branch. But it's close to where my body will spend eternity and close to where I use to hunt what ever moved. Then again as Hanzo said "close is relative" and TEXAS is a Mite Big.

    In one day I broke down 100 tires and rims, this with hand tire tools of Hammers and Pry Bars. Any tire that I could not break the bead with the hand tools I used a bumper Jack and the weight of a old 50 Buick.
    It is now a super fund clean up, not the Buick, the land.

    In my spare time I Bird dogged lookers to keep them honest.
    In my other spare time I collected money for fishing in the gravel pit.

    Yup, know all about filtering old gas too.
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  5. Motomom34

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    We need fan blades that are about 2-3 feet. I do not think we will find anything that big so we are considering making our own from a door or something lighter. Or using a few cooling fans.
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  6. DKR

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    shame you are not in Texas, home of Big Ass fans - the company.

  7. arleigh

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    Love fans , have several of them.
    I have an old fan that is wind driven and still going over 40 years now. the bearings are so loose you can here them drop in the race. shields and cages are gone .

    If i had my druthers i'd live in a junk yard.
    not many people understand that.
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  8. azrancher

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    I looked at Big Ass Fans, very pricey, but I did get a free beer glass.

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  9. azrancher

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    Are you going to share this info with us?

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  10. Bishop

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    How much seat belt webbing do you need I have access to a lot of it.
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  11. HK_User

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    Just takes a Chamois, Dirty Gas, something to keep the Chamois upright (a funnel is fine) and a catchment container.

    Pour the gas into the Chamois.
    Sediment, varnish and water will stay behind.
    The stink stays with the gas!
    Works well in most low compression engines.
  12. HK_User

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    You need to go to a BIG TRUCK wrecking yard and find a Road Diesel cooling fan. Should be cheap.
    Unless it was a front end wreck, but you wouldn't want that fan anyway!
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  13. DKR

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  14. Gray Wolf

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    I worked at a junkyard near Baton Rouge, LA for a couple of months in 1976. I was a young Wolf pup, and I quickly found out that it was not the job for me. I kept wanting to put them back together! A '72 Chevy Malibu wrecked in front sent me to the boss. "Boss, we have a front clip for this car right over there! " "it's too old, one year newer and it would pay to do it"
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  15. Big Ron

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    I worked at a military target range many moons ago. Some of those old vehicles they put out to pasture as new targets about made you cry. one I remember was a 1938 chevy truck,4wd that looked like new. It was a welding truck with a 6 cylinder.
    Sadly many target vehicles were fairly new but we still drove around in old m-series trucks and dump trucks,M-38s and m-39s.
    So some trucks lasted 45 years and newer built trucks lasted less than 10 before they figured they had spent enough money on upkeep.
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  16. HK_User

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    I rescued my first car from the wrecking yard. And most of the Gas to run it.
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  17. Ura-Ki

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    Ah, the Bone Yard, I have spent many, many happy spring and summer days prowling around some of my favorites looking for that certain gem of a part for what ever project I was playing with at the time! When ever I get back home, I have my 1927 Chrysler Speed Six Speedster to finish using only old 20s and 30s parts ( except for the 47 Chevy truck shocks) for a One of a Kind road toy! I belong to the N.W. Speedsters club where we specialize in building Antique Race cars that never were, but could/should have been!

    @Motomom34 The advice about Big Rig wrecking yards is the hot ticket for what your after, or you could see if your local tractor repair shop has something for you! Keep in mind, these are all pretty much fiberglass/composites and any damage can be VERY bad if you try to run them at speed! Or, you could make one out of good Plywood in any size and shape and blade count you wish!
    Finally if you absolutely have to have the best and you got some money to play with you can serf the web for good used airplane/Airboat propellers, I found a almost new Kive Prop for less then $800 and ran it for a entire season until I found one better
  18. ghrit

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    Sorry, gotta ask: If you have wind, what's the fan do for you?
  19. Hanzo

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    There is one of those big ass fans over one of my tai chi classes.
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  20. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    Fred and Lamont did.

    Two additional quick statements:
    1. You gotta love a chick who will hang out in a U-Pull-It (junk) yard.
    2. Those are some big ass fans!
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