The Kenyan Shows His Hand......

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jul 26, 2012.

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    BAM! Not mincing words now....

    On the flip side, a rational person understands that NO criminal is SUPPOSED to have a gun because it is already against the law.

    What he is saying here is that "criminals," and by that he means "YOU," are not supposed to have assault weapons. That kid was "normal" until a couple of months ago, ergo YOU TOO can become a lunatic and shoot people with your assault weapon.

    ...and before it starts, don't jump on me...I'm just reading between the lines.
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    I agree with yout 100%. If you listen to what he says and the words he uses he is proposing what is already law. Lets keep assult rifles off the streets. Already a law, we cannot carry an assault rifle around the way we do handguns.

    Guy has trouble thinking.
  3. ghrit

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    I wonder -
    A) What an AK-47 has to do with the Aurora killer?
    B) Does he intend to criminalize the possession of only AK-47s?
    C) Why did he pick on AK-47s? (I guess he can expand that to include FN-Fals or Beretta Xcel any time he wants --)
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    Hm. Did not know that. I'll have to leave the AR on the bike next time I go for milk on the way home from the range instead of slung over my back, no mag, muzzle down. Hm. Nope, can't do that either. Has to be locked up out of sight unless in immediate control, doesn't it?

    At the very best, zero needs an [AH] . Oh, wait. He has Holder.
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    Did anyone catch Harry Reid's statement today?

    Said something to the effect of, no gun control will be on the table this session and when asked about next year he said, not likely.

    Guess it can be taken a few ways.
    1. He knows there would never be enough votes to pass anything.
    2. They (Ried and Co.) are working on a back door piece of legislation and hope to ram it through.
    3. They are getting the message that many have been sending.....come and take it.
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    You know the crap thing about a coup/civil war? Every other 2-bit country in the world that wants to overthrow its govt. gets it guns and ammo from the Russians (or former Soviet block), China, Egypt....for the most part. can get some stuff from Africa, but Russia/China is who is killing us indirectly in Assmanistan. When the gauntlet is thrown wouldn't surprise me for Russia to side with Obamination. All we'll have is what's under our beds now.

    A well equipped group would take over one of the plants in the N.E. that produces ARs.

    Maybe we can get back some of the arms purchased by straw men that get taken to Mexico...:rolleyes:
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    "A well equipped group would take over one of the plants in the N.E. that produces ARs."
    I know a place where y'all would be welcomed as friends as you would be with like minded people. Though our primary output is not AR's, we are tooled to be able to make them both in 5.56mm and 7.62mm. Pistols and bolt action rifles are our primary product.
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    It would be better if some concerned citizens acquired some of the other weapons that the cartels use, like the ones they get from their southern neighbors or the Chinese.
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  14. CATO

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    Obama STUPIDLY said:

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    Guit ole boy, if I could "like" that 1000 more times I would!!!!!
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    Maybe I missed something... Every time I buy a new gun I have had a background check done... I guess the better enforcement of gun laws means that Obama is finally going to investigate Eric holder and the atf group that was responsible for fast and furious....
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