The kind of politician our founders envisioned

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Imagine that . . . a politician that has another job. Of course, I don't know why someone from a place like MT (or a similar place) would ever want to go to DC.

    Without a Shot
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    Some of you guys spend way too much time on politics.

    The politicians are mostly all liars, and they do not work for the People, but for themselves.The entire system is corrupt, and the People are lost. Folks should just stop buying into the damn charade that is "Slavery, Inc." and actually hold these scumbag politicians accountable. If this means rounding up all your neighbors and circling the man's house at 2 A.M. blaring your horns, so be it. Get out the hot tar and feathers --I am serious. I don't want to hear about "Oh, it's sooooooOOooo bad, but I can help if you just vote for me.", and I am especially tired of the Liberal and Conservative drones blaming each other every cycle! Beat them with sticks, tie them to the street posts and paint them red and set a bull loose, I don't sure beats the insane course we have been taking. Do you people actually, truly believe "Obama" is the enemy? If you do, then THIS is the reason we are in the shape we are today. The name of the President doesn't matter, we exist under the privilege to breathe --and just be thankful the air isn't taxed yet. With a little more of your help, it will be.

    The closest I have seen to come anywhere near a "Founding Father" type of politician was Ron Paul and Michael Badnarik, both traditionally Libertarians.
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    While I agree with you mostly, under the current system, not even Ron Paul types can do any good.

    Give me a list of his achievements other than voting against taxes that affected a large portion of Americans?

    He was impotent because the system did everything it could make him out to be a nut job.

    Defining the Machine

    He paid these dues too to get his chairmanship.

    Back to the OP: the point was that here you have a person who CAN make a living at a trade and go be a politician, while still letting his trade define him. Most of the corrupt career politicians can't do jack except flap their jaws and make backroom deals.
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    That's nice, dude. But, unless you forget, how much money did Ron Paul collect as a politician? Remember he's a Doctor by profession first.

    The traditional right vs. left paradigm must simply end, the same as the need to end the FED.
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